17 guides! From gaming to mental health

We now have 17 guides and articles, so i’ve reorganised this page to make them easier to find. Lots of the guides are work in progress / living documents and we welcome feedback about all ofthem. https://herefordshireboardgamers.co.uk/guides/

Mental Health resources added as a page

Board games in Schools / Time is precious

Time. Time is a precious commodity in schools, and in life. So often we feel rushed off our feet, never pausing to breath, bundling from one day to the next desperately hoping to keep up. Time. Lockdown and… Read More

August Update and code of conduct

It’s such an odd world at the moment, and it really helps to know others have got your back. We haven’t stopped gaming the whole way through the apocalypse, staying connected and supporting each other is always important,… Read More

Guide to online games and our mega charity weekend

Our mega charity virtual gaming weekend was great fun and a great sucsess raising £275. No technology issues and lots of fun gaming was had by all. This is also a great document describing how to play various… Read More

Interview with a gamer no5: Ad

Saving the best for last me, Adam Best. This is also very out of date, my fiancé is now my wife! I didn’t get the other chance to rewrite theirs so mines stands too! Please introduce yourself Hi. … Read More

Interview with a gamer no4: Emma

Please introduce yourself HELLO  How many games do you own? Less than I would like but what I do have are the BEST How many of your games have you not played? Just the one- Simon’s Cat: I… Read More

Interview with a gamer no3: Jon

Please introduce yourself Hello, I’m Jon (known on various forums as jp1885).Gaming-wise I’m a tabletop wargamer at heart, (at least during the rare momentsof free time) and enjoy painting and converting miniatures as well asscratchbuilding terrain from bits… Read More

Interview with a gamer no2: Ben

Interview no 2. Please introduce yourself Hi. I’m Ben, and I’m the co-founder and organiser of the Ross-on-Wye board gamers. We are a small (typically one or two tables) and very informal group. We tend to prefer mid-weight Euro… Read More

Inteview with a gamer no1: Emily.

Welcome to the first of a new series, lets meet our gamers. (Small confession these were submitted nearly a year ago.) Please introduce yourself My name is Emily Beavan.  I am 43 years old and a relatively novice… Read More