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Herefordshire Board Gamers is volunteer led, we love giving back and empowering others. If you want to volunteer with us we have structure to ensure there is a way of help suited to your commitment level and experience, we offer great support and training if you want to get more involved.

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Information on Volunteering

Individual Roles 
Volunteers will be split into two broad teams, aimed at providing a way to support us that matches your available time / commitment and experience.  

  • Organising team those who interact regularly, provide duties and have access to non public information  
  • Supporting team who provide limited duties, have no requirement to interact regularly and have limited or no access to non public information 

Each of the teams is then split to further clarify expectations and responsibilities. 

Organising / core team 

  1. Committee 
  1. Champions 
  1. Ambassador 

Supporting team 

  1. Game Helper 
  1. RPG Helper  
  1. Adhoc Volunteer  
  1. Specialist / guest teams. 

Role break down 

  1. Committee 

The legally responsible management team, with additional roles and duties defined but otherwise similar to champions.  

  1. Champion 

The volunteers who are most active in running the community. Regularly provide feedback and deliver activities. Hold the most responsibility and may be involved in incident management and hold more priority in decision making. Access to almost all information and required to hold a good knowledge of all aspects of our services.  

There is an expectation of duties performed and timely communications. 

  1. Ambassador 

Volunteers who want to spend less time, be less involved or have less responsibility. 

Still valued, listened and appreciated. This role may suit new members to the team and those that want to contribute but don’t want all of the responsibilities. 

The level of activity and communications expectation is lower. They will have access to the vast majority of information and decision making. 

  1. Helper, RPG, Adhoc Volunteers 

Volunteers who can also be called upon to support events online or in person. The specific title is aimed to help guests understand their duties and skills
They will have access to a limited amount of information specific to their duties and the general area for volunteers. On Discord may have moderations powers to help provide efficient support 

  1. Specialist / guest teams. 

These volunteers are focused on delivering a single tasks or input. Due to their choice, position, conflicts or otherwise they will not have full visibility of HB information. This is a good role for partnership working as well. Where they can contribute to tasks or projects and their outcome is visible to all (rather than hidden in a private message or email thread with a single committee member) 
They will have access to a very limited amount of information specific to their duties.