Allyship & Privilege and Gender Inclusive Language. Two guides and knowledge sharing session Feb 1st.

Two new guides Allyship and Privilege. Gender inclusive Language and knowledge sharing!

Herefordshire Board Gamers invites you to join us to expand and share your knowledge on Feb 1st 7pm for a friendly discussion at the Herdsman followed by board and card games.

To sum up these incredibly important topics it’s about making everyone feel welcome, included and safe.

Everyone deserves to belong and have fun and there are small actions we all can take to make a big difference.

Herefordshire Board gamers has always taken accessibility and inclusion importantly and we have information online already.

These two guides are the next step in expanding and sharing our knowledge, so we can help more people supported by in person conversations and knowledge sharing.

They will not be perfect first time and we will continue to improve and evolve them so please do read and feedback on the guides, and join us on this journey into giving back. We plan to host more sessions and produce further guides.

What topics shall we explore next?

The guides

Thank you in advance!

Update: New home for knowledge share and our guides: