Raffle update. 69/81

Raffle Update: Up to winner 69 have been messaged.

The raffle raised £1629 for a year total of over £4000 our years runs July to June and we’ll close this years fund raising as the best year ever! Which is incredible. We have had two anon donations I need to identify, Jake and Sarah T (Unfortunately not Jake Wade)

AGM 7.30 on Sunday the 4th check it out and give me your feedback and ideas.

I think I have told most winners what they have won but if I haven’t you got something in you wish list. I am trying to get down the list as quick as I can. For those that have won all their things I will be contacting you this week to arrange delivery / pick up and passing your information to the digital vendors.

Apologies for the pace. Running the raffle online combined with some other stuff has totally drained my social and emotional batteries so I needed some time to recover. I will put a better system in place next time. I didn’t expect the raffle to break £500.

Charity community exercise challenge

We did 1,400 km in under four months, can we do triple than in twice the time… Lets do this!

Huge thanks to all of our European sponsors who made this year special taking our lending library from 30 games to 210 and helping us raise £4550 during the pandemic.There is a donation page, perhaps this is more understandable challenge than some so please go get sponsorship.

This challenge is about doing more exercise, growing as a community, giving back to charity and also saying thanks

Franks Luxury Biscuits DONE, We’ve walked by you already!
Dwr Cymru Welsh Water Done, strolling by.
Cubicle 7 Entertainment we are your door step, on dry land and heading for you!

Lots of other wonderful publishers and shops to visit yet.Tabletop Gaming, Zatu Games, Surprised Stare Games Ltd, Stuff By Bez, Sussed Card Games, Coiledspring Games, Asmodee UK, Bedsit Games, Chaos Cards

Then across the water to Board Game Arena and HABA and finally Czech Games Edition

Not to forget our wonderful USA based sponsors who will be leg 3..Chaosium Inc, .Lucky Duck Games, Foundry VTT Community, Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing GameI am looking at getting a sponsor for this the remaining 7 months of this challenge 🙂 so watch this space or let me know if you want in.

Raffle closed! Winners announced

Final figures: 1626.95 donated for 81 Prizes. 666 tickets drawn, 48 out of 98 people won something with the top person winning 5 items.

Covid total £4555.75
July to July total £3972.19 (Beating 2019-2020 by nearly £600)

I am contacting winners in blocks of 10 please submit your choices and we can down the list of 81 winners nice and quick 🙂

Sponsor Spotlight 6/6

Sponsor Spot light 6/6 and last day!~


Lucky Ducky Games Lucky Duck GamesLucky Duck Games is a tabletop game publisher known for highly innovative and engaging board games. Beautiful, clever games utilizing apps. They have donated 5 games including postage 1x Chronicles of Crime: 1400 + VR Glasses 1x Chronicles of Crime: 1900 + VR Glasses, 1x Paranormal Detectives, 1x Baron Voodoo, 1x The Court of Miracles

Goodmen games https://www.facebook.com/dccrpg/

Return to the glory days of fantasy with the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game. Adventure as 1974 intended you to, with modern rules grounded in the origins of sword & sorcery. Fast play, cryptic secrets, and a mysterious past await you.. Goodmen games have kindly donated 3 sets of rules and adventures. All you need to get started for a glorious adventure.

Sponser spotlight 5/6

Sponsor Spot light 5/6 . TWO DAYS TO GO.Raffle stands at £1569 donated for 78.49 prizes. A covid total of £4489! Please give it one last share 😃


Big Potato Big Potato
Games company, specialising in light, social party games as well as family games. Big Potato have previously donated manyl games to our lending library, competions and previous raffles, and they are ideal for introducing newer gamers to the hobby and for large groups. They have given us copies of Bucket of Doom, Blockbuster, Obama Llama 2, Weird Things Humans Search For, Dino Dump and Twin It for our raffle.

Board Game Arena Board Game Arena

Board Game Arena is an online board gaming platform. There are a wide range of games you can play for free and there are a lot more which can be unlocked by paying for a premium membership. BGA has been invaluable for us during the various lockdowns, in allowing us to run many online gaming sessions. They have given us two, one year’s premium membership for our raffle.An amazing way to learn and try new games a total life line during the last


Mental Health guide featured in tabletop Magazine.

A short version of our mental health guide is in @TabletopMag. It’s an important message. Gaming and communities are so key for mental health.


That means during the pandemic, I’ve on local radio 5 times, features in one international magazine and been interviewed live by the 3rd largest game convention in the world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yzPFQ23dtA&t

For someone as shy and introvert those are huge achievements and absolute firsts for me.

Sponsor Spot light 4/5. Last few days of the raffle.

Sponsor spot light 4/5 ! Still too many to thank so there will be some sharing! One Game publisher and one game adjacent company per post. Both long time supporters of us.

Just under £1400 donated! 70 prizes to be won. We still have enough board games for everyone to win one, or in face enough non games for no one to win one!

This is incredible nearly twice our previous best raffle. Thank you all so much

Stuff by Bez http://www.stuffbybez.com/

Stuff by Bez is a small independent board game designer and publisher, probably best known for the Wibell++ word game and Kitty Cataclysm. Bez is a well known and loved face on the board game convention circuit, always looking very well-dressed in red. She has given us two copies of both W++ and Kitty Cataclysm as well as Yogi and Yogi Guru for our raffle. As well as a copy of almost all games produced for our library.

Chaos Cards https://www.chaoscards.co.uk/
Chaos Cards are a tabletop gaming store and centre, based in Folkestone. They offer a huge board games library to hire. You can also buy from them online. They stock a wide range of board games as well as collectible card games and accessories. They have given us a copy of Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition for our raffle , which is possibly our star prize.

#sponsors #charity #hbcommunitylibrary

Raffle home stretch

Raffle home stretch. £1352 raised! 58 Prizes to be drawn! We have a huge amount and variety of prizes including Potatoes which we can donate to the food bank on your behalf. Lots for remote winners too include game with postage, various RPG adventures and rule books and 10 copies of Galaxy Trucker and Through the Ages. Two superb implementation.
£2 gets one you one entry. Every £20 donated unlocks another winner so your chances to win stay the same ish.


Every penny goes to Herefordshire Mind please share this far and wide, post it to your local social and friends group.

Please share (or donate) as a way of saying thank you for the 100s of events (instead of 30) we’ve put on over the last year and a bit. We’ve enjoyed bringing smiles to peoples faces and helping keeping you sane-ish. Mega Charity May caps off the year.

Sponsor spotlight 2/6

Sponsor spot light 2/6 ! Still too many to thank so there will be some sharing! One Game publisher and one game adjacent company per post.

Czech Games Edition https://czechgames.com/

Publishers of amazing, games full of beautiful art and great humorous rules books, their catalogue is so diverse from party games like codenmames to monsters like dungeon pets. They were also early into the application space with Galaxy trucker and Through the ages, which give you a tradition way to play and also a modified to suit being an app way to play which is really clever.They have supported us for a number of years and have given us 20 digital codes for games which work on any platforms.

Foundry https://foundryvtt.com/

Foundry VTT is a standalone application built for experiencing multiplayer tabletop RPGs using a feature-rich and modern self-hosted application where your players connect directly through the browser. I use foundry where ever possible over roll20. There is a one time fee but once you own it you have features more power than the subscription of other platforms.Highly recommend if you run RPGs online or in person. Great community support and the modules for official adventures are coming fast. It is still in developed and it gets better every month.We have two full life time licences to give away.


Sponsor spot light 1/6

Sponsor spot light 1/6 ! Still too many to thank so there will be some sharing! One Game publisher and one game adjacent company per post. https://herefordshireboardgamers.co.uk/charity/raffle/

Coiledspring Games Coiledspring Games

Coiledspring Games is a board game distribution service. They also specialise in jigsaw puzzles. They have previously donated towards lots of games to our lending library and they provided most of the prizes for the Xmas raffle which raised over £500. Some excellent roll overs / set aside items are in this raffle, which include Evolution climate and a range of 3d Puzzles.


Etsy store selling personalised gifts, recently branching into dice towers. We have 13 dice towers to give away. This relationship stemmed from a slight product issues which let to some supportive advice and knowledge sharing about the wonderful world of gaming they were dipping their toes into.