Raffle update. 69/81

Raffle Update: Up to winner 69 have been messaged. The raffle raised £1629 for a year total of over £4000 our years runs July to June and we’ll close this years fund raising as the best year ever!… Read More

Raffle closed! Winners announced

Final figures: 1626.95 donated for 81 Prizes. 666 tickets drawn, 48 out of 98 people won something with the top person winning 5 items. Covid total £4555.75July to July total £3972.19 (Beating 2019-2020 by nearly £600) I am… Read More

Sponsor Spot light 4/5. Last few days of the raffle.

Sponsor spot light 4/5 ! Still too many to thank so there will be some sharing! One Game publisher and one game adjacent company per post. Both long time supporters of us. Just under £1400 donated! 70 prizes… Read More

Raffle home stretch

Raffle home stretch. £1352 raised! 58 Prizes to be drawn! We have a huge amount and variety of prizes including Potatoes which we can donate to the food bank on your behalf. Lots for remote winners too include… Read More

Charity Raffle Please identify yourselves

We’ve had over £250 (nearly 1/4) of extremely kind anonymouse donations, these are great and I take them as signs of support of what we are doing. We’ve had a number of donations where there isn’t an email… Read More

May Mega raffle now live £2000 of prizes!