Getting involved

Do you want to get involved with Herefordshire Board Gamers?

Ideally come along to one of our public meetings and say hi and play some games with us.


If you want use this group to arrange game sessions or sales,  the easiest route is via Please do, we’re here to support gaming in the county.

Groups / Clubs

If you have a group or club and want us to help raise awareness of it as long as you are some what local, of course. Send Adam an email at


If you want to have a commercial relationship with us, feel free to connect us via Facebook or email

Board game industry

We may be able to support playtesting or reviewing your game but as a group we meet monthly, however most of our members meet far more frequently so we might be able assist.

Helping out

If you want to volunteer to help run the group or support our events please let us know.

If you want to something more complicated please ask Adam  in the first instance.