List of games recommended by the club

Also take a look at what we play at our events

Guides and articles! Also website updates

Just a reminder have a range of good ish guides and articles on here. Check them out, share them give us feedback. How to choose a new game! Next step from classic games! How to teach games! Top… Read More

Updating our begineers game guide

Howdy all. It’s been 18 months already so I’m updating our games, I’ve added in three games already, Codenames (no idea how I missed it) kingdomino, Queen Domino and DInosaur tea party. I need to add more photos!… Read More

Game a thon this weekend! And guide to good value games

The charity game a thon is this weekend, it’s not to late to take part, pop in and say hi and join a few games or donate. Also here is a guide on good value games

Best of facebook

We have a great facebook community here is a quick best of from over the last few months. Introduce yourself: Our Game collections: Online codenames: Our top nine games:

So do you want to know what games we actually play?

Check this new page to see the list of the games we played on each of our games nights! Hopefully it is interesting to help you remember the name of the game you liked you played last time… Read More

Our favourite games!

Some of our top 9 (ish) favourite games, scroll to the bottom to see the groups combined favourites. Each picture represents one members top picks. These are on 3 lists: Blood Rage, Takenoko, Codenames, Dixit, Above and Below,… Read More

Next steps from Monopoly and classic games

If you haven’t played any new board games for a while and not sure where to begin, look no further. We’ve listed similar games to all of the major classics. We’ve tried to list games which are available… Read More

What type of games convention goer are you?

I like lists, both useful and funny so here is an attempt at a funny list. A random conversation at the expo spawned the idea of defining what type of convention  goer you are. The Accidental Gamer: Discovers… Read More

Top pub games part 2

Whilst researching I had loads of good advice and recommendations. Picking the top 10 was a real challenge. Here is a list of the contenders! Social / large group games Resistance, Coup, Dixit, Wits and Wagers, In a bind,… Read More