Welcome area / beginner games

We have always had easily to play visually striking games near the entrance to our events. We really focused on this area for the big may event, with signage and a curated set of 15 games.

What did you think?

What should we add?

We will aim to bring the majority of these to every event, our small events won’t need the signage.

All of the games are in the library so we need to make sure we don’t loan ALL of the knowledge games or all of the dexerity games

Honourable mentions . Great game play, beautiful but too long.

King of Tokyo (similar to Yahtzee)

Dinosaur Tea party (Similar to guess who)

Kingdomino (Similar to dominos)

What else can we do to make sure our events are as welcome as possible?

Do you want us to publish a list of games we are going to play?

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