Free lending Library not at 120 titles and a full A to Z

Free lending library soft launch part 2

Our free game library which contains 110 games, 27 on loan and 83 available. We’ve been lending our games since the beginning. In November the games library was created and we’ve lending since then. We now have a… Read More

111 games in our lending library!

Free Games Library. 111 Games from beginner to strategy available to borrow! All free to borrow. Message me to arrange a collection, we can even help identify the best games for you. It’s nearly £2000 of games we… Read More

Trialling free games lending library

Sorry Sean you are a wrong and probably about to die (Spoilers) We are going to lend out free games (for a small deposit) This is still in the development but we have 24 games and a cheque… Read More

Friday night gaming for 11 to 19 years at Herefordshire Library (5 to 7pm)

Herefordshire Library is starting a games night every Friday from 5pm to 7pm, the target audience is 11 to 19 year olds.