Our aim is to be a positive influence and “Be more than just a game night.”

Herefordshire Board Gamers is a gaming and fundraising community.

Supporting gamers and giving back to our community. We have raised over £17 000 in 6 years for charity (Mostly for Hereford Mind our chosen charity) by running 100s of free events, quizzes, raffles and more. During the height of the pandemic there were months when only a few days passed without some kind of event.
We have a free lending library of 400 games and jigsaws and our website contains guides and articles to support new gamers into the hobbies

Our Goals:


Building and supporting our community, providing a welcome, inclusive place for everyone to, play games, arrange games and socialise inperson and online.
Challenge loneliness, isolation and support the mental well being of our members

Inclusion and accessibility

Gaming and socialisation for everyone, making our events and communities as inclusive and accessible as possible. This includes running a variety of events at a range of venues including online.
We recognise our members are unique, and our community is built on a foundation of support and respect

Education and support:

Share the wonderful hobby of gaming with all of its mental well being, health and social benefits.
Provide the games, tools, guides and support to inform, inspire and enable people to run their own events.
Challenge the misconceptions and stereotypes.

Charity and giving back:

Give back by raising money for our chosen charity.
Support gamers and the community and provide opportunities for members to assist in giving back.

Code of conduct:

Be Respectful, Be Fair, Be Supportive, Be Kind, Be Accepting. Be Yourself.

Here is evidence of us trying to live up to our aims:

Accesibility (Year 2 of Covid)
AGM 2021 where we set out some of our goals