AGM minutes

Committee:Chair : Ad BestVice chair: Elaine BestSecretary: James BrandtTreasurer: Michael McCullochPublic relations: Emma BardoChild Protection / Diversity: Nathan O’GradyYouth Ambassador: Vacant ———————————–Headlines:100s of free events runAmazing growth and community£4000 raised for Mind, £11 000 total ———————————–Goals:Accessibility / InclusionGrowthCommunityFunding… Read More

Raffle update. 69/81

Raffle Update: Up to winner 69 have been messaged. The raffle raised £1629 for a year total of over £4000 our years runs July to June and we’ll close this years fund raising as the best year ever!… Read More

Sponsor Spot light 4/5. Last few days of the raffle.

Sponsor spot light 4/5 ! Still too many to thank so there will be some sharing! One Game publisher and one game adjacent company per post. Both long time supporters of us. Just under £1400 donated! 70 prizes… Read More

Raffle home stretch

Raffle home stretch. £1352 raised! 58 Prizes to be drawn! We have a huge amount and variety of prizes including Potatoes which we can donate to the food bank on your behalf. Lots for remote winners too include… Read More

Board games in Schools / Time is precious

Time. Time is a precious commodity in schools, and in life. So often we feel rushed off our feet, never pausing to breath, bundling from one day to the next desperately hoping to keep up. Time. Lockdown and… Read More

Quiz night Saturday 6th 7.30 and January Updates

2021! So far we are kicking ass what do you want to see next? Only 6 days have gone by without some kind of hb event. 14 different rpg systems played We have launched our paint and chill… Read More

Guide on running games days

I’ve just published a guide. On running games clubs. Without bragging what we do here is exceptional, for a small relatively poor rural county we punch way above our weight. We are inclusive, we raise money for charity,… Read More

Christmas Eve Gaming and fund raising

We are running a game day on Christmas eve and probably a few more, We’ve lots of role play games onto. We have raised £580 in December£1967.31 since lock down£8500 raised in four years!£9500 raised in six years!*For Herefordshire Mind… Read More

Winter Event Schedule

In addition to our first Thursday and third Sunday, we are still aiming for weekly main events and on top of that there are lots of extra events from RPGs to Among us nights happening organised by us… Read More

6 month look back.

What an interesting six months it has been, we were just getting ready to go to Airecon, the last big convention to be held almost anywhere. We’d just rushed to remake our life size Tsuro, after auctioning off… Read More