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Legacy Episodes

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Episode guide

Season 3

2.5) ***BONUS*** Wyrms Glorious Wyrms
2) Let’s Get Quizzical!
1) Welcome Back

Season 2

21) And So This Is Christmas
20) What’s On Your Wishlist?
19) Just Shootin’ The Breeze
18) There Will Be Blood! (on the clocktower)
17) RPG Round Table 2.0
16) Tiers of Joy
15) The Top Ten Trio
14) Happy Birthday HB
13) General Geekery
12) All The Rage!
11) Gametastic Conventions and Where To Find Them
10) Overviews, Interviews & Playthroughs
9) Here For Games Con 2023
8) Masks
7) Spring Into Action
6) Next Steps
5) Knowledge is Power
4) Plastic Fantastic
3) All You Need Is Love (And Board Games)
2) Meeples vs The Media
1) New Year, New Season

Season 1
19) Muppets’ Christmas Podcast
18) Mental Health & Well Being
17) Best Laid Plans
16) Halloween Special
15) Role Play Games Round Table
14) You, Me and IP
13) Play Well for Less
12) Role Playing Games
11) The one with All the Donuts
10) Memories & Cubirds
9) A Co-operative Effort
8) Flying Solo
7) Shelf of Shame
6) Mega May review and interviews!
5) Mega may guide
4) Mega May and Earth Day
3) In Conversation With Adam Best
2) Getting Into The Hobby
1) Intro


Cousin James

It’s everybody’s favourite cousin: Cousin James. The self-titled bringer of chaos when it comes to playing games. Always happy to chuck in a cheesy joke or two and people love them. No honestly they do, right guys? 


I have been with the community from almost the begining. I first got in to board games while playing Magic the Gathering, when I wanted to continue gaming but, to try something different. I currently act as the Trasurer for the community group and unoffical billboard. My favourite genre of board game is dudes on a map and my favourite board game is Blood Rage. 


Toby (aka what-the-hell-is-it, aka “well thats not very nice, its just a donkey”). Podcast’s guide to strange. Never grew out of the emo phase. Relatively new to gaming (just before the apocalypse). Likes: Scythe, Bloodrage, Dice throne, Dice Hospital. General strategy: crush kill destroy.