AGM minutes

Committee:Chair : Ad BestVice chair: Elaine BestSecretary: James BrandtTreasurer: Michael McCullochPublic relations: Emma BardoChild Protection / Diversity: Nathan O’GradyYouth Ambassador: Vacant ———————————–Headlines:100s of free events runAmazing growth and community£4000 raised for Mind, £11 000 total ———————————–Goals:Accessibility / InclusionGrowthCommunityFunding… Read More

AGM Sunday 19:30 (Charity games all day)

I am looking forward to the AGM on sunday, where I’ll review the year and lay our some plans. There is no officers changes so we’ll fast track that part. 19:30 Meeting on discord. Online charity games all… Read More

Charity community exercise challenge

We did 1,400 km in under four months, can we do triple than in twice the time… Lets do this! Huge thanks to all of our European sponsors who made this year special taking our lending library from… Read More

Raffle closed! Winners announced

Final figures: 1626.95 donated for 81 Prizes. 666 tickets drawn, 48 out of 98 people won something with the top person winning 5 items. Covid total £4555.75July to July total £3972.19 (Beating 2019-2020 by nearly £600) I am… Read More

Sponsor Spotlight 6/6

Sponsor Spot light 6/6 and last day!~ Lucky Ducky Games Lucky Duck GamesLucky Duck Games is a tabletop game publisher known for highly innovative and engaging board games. Beautiful, clever games utilizing apps. They have donated 5… Read More

Sponser spotlight 5/6

Sponsor Spot light 5/6 . TWO DAYS TO GO.Raffle stands at £1569 donated for 78.49 prizes. A covid total of £4489! Please give it one last share Big Potato Big PotatoGames company, specialising in light, social party… Read More

Mental Health guide featured in tabletop Magazine.

A short version of our mental health guide is in @TabletopMag. It’s an important message. Gaming and communities are so key for mental health. That means during the pandemic, I’ve on local radio 5 times, features in… Read More

Sponsor Spot light 4/5. Last few days of the raffle.

Sponsor spot light 4/5 ! Still too many to thank so there will be some sharing! One Game publisher and one game adjacent company per post. Both long time supporters of us. Just under £1400 donated! 70 prizes… Read More

Raffle home stretch

Raffle home stretch. £1352 raised! 58 Prizes to be drawn! We have a huge amount and variety of prizes including Potatoes which we can donate to the food bank on your behalf. Lots for remote winners too include… Read More

Sponsor spotlight 2/6

Sponsor spot light 2/6 ! Still too many to thank so there will be some sharing! One Game publisher and one game adjacent company per post. Czech Games Edition Publishers of amazing, games full of beautiful art… Read More