Knowledge shares! Board Game organising May 10th, Allyship and Gender Inclusive Language May 3rd

We love sharing the hobby! Introducing new people to the  games but most importantly introducing people to it in the best way possible. Small changes can make such a big difference to peoples experiences.  You have one chance to make a first impression.

As part of Here for Games Conline we’ll have two online knowledge shares! We’d love you to join us , share some knowledge or just listen and learn!

ONLINE Gender Inclusive Language and Allyship and Privilege Wednesday May 3th 7pm
Based on the below:

Events will be added to Facebook Discord and Warhorn!

ONLINE Board Game Organiser Knowledge share Wednesday May10th 7pm

We are also at the UK Games Expo Sunday June 4th, 2pm to 4pm Board Game Organiser Knowledge share