What is a games night?

What does a Herefordshire Board Gamers game night look like!?

Firstly! We advertise it on Facebook, Discord, Meet up, Instagram and Twitter so no one misses out. Our event adverts should include all relevant information about the event including costs, times and requirements but if you have any questions or suggestions of what we could do to make the event more comfortable for you please just message or email us.

No experience is necessary, we’ll provide all the games and teachers. You can request to play specific games or arrange plays on discord and Facebook in advance if you want.

Let’s work through an event at the Herdsman a typical Thursday.

We are usually in the function room which is at the back of the building, it’s a well light, spacious, private space. The way to the function room should be fully signposted so follow the HB signs.

Follow the signs
The Herdsman Function Room (Masks option at this specific event)

The first thing you should see is our games library, we bring a range of games which should suit almost everyone.  We are happy to teach them all and can make recommendations. We normally try and bring the same core of games so there should always been something familiar to play (Not everyone likes learning new games), there are lots of amazing games which are very similar to classic games like dominos or yahtzee. https://herefordshireboardgamers.co.uk/library/tag/eventgames/

Generally we don’t play chess or some of the classic games but you are very welcome to bring them.

One of the team should greet you we’ll ask a few questions to get to know you and help you find games you like. Our organisers are easy to spot as they should all be wearing yellow lanyards.

You are welcome to arrive any time during the evening. We don’t start playing longer games until after atleast 30 minutes after opening. We normally start with Codenames or Just One, both social lighter games which late arrivals can just slot in too and begin playing immediately, they are both rules light and social so really good for icebreakers.

Codenames: This is the brilliant Online version

Our aim is to make sure everyone has a great time, with beginners we’ll teach the games to the best our abilities and make sure you have a good time, that is our aim, not achieving a new high score at your expense.  

As the social intro games wrap up we’ll break into other games, we will see what folks want to play, what games people have brought of their own to play. What usually happens is each game / games teacher will do a brief overview of the game, how long, how complicated, what theme and once most of the games have been offered players will join the tables and hopefully everyone will have a game. One of the team will usually be in reserve to help find and teach a game for those that haven’t slotted into a game already.

If arrive much later in the evening we’ll do our best to slot you in too you may have to watch a game for a bit but we’ll fit you in as soon as we can.

As the night goes on we’ll play a range of games and our team will help you find new games and are also on hand to help with any issues or problems.

Catch the Moon

The group and culture is very friendly and if you are new and anxious small talk isn’t necessary, the games provide the social setting and you can just lose yourself in it. If you have any specific ideas, or questions please ask.

Colt Express

A few useful links:

We list what games we play on facebook / discord so you can review the kind of games we play.
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