Welcome to the home of board, card and war gamers in Herefordshire. Herefordshire Board Gamers is a gaming and fundraising community. Our aim is to be a positive influence and “Be more than just a game night.”

Herefordshire Board Gamers are a family-friendly group of like minded individuals, dedicated to bringing the joys and social experience of board gaming to any and all who pass through our doors. We welcome gamers of all ages, backgrounds, experience-levels and mindsets into the fold, and are always more than happy to assist in whatever ways we can in order to get you playing and enjoying a relaxed and pleasant time.

Why not join us and give it a try? There are no hidden costs or requirements; just come along, pick a game, and have a fun time. Everyone is welcome.



Upcoming events:

7th Thursday In Person Herdsman
11th Thursday Online
15th Friday In person- Charity Disney at the core
16-17th Saturday In person Charity Gameathon (Gloucester)**
17th Sunday In Person Geek Retreat
24th Sunday Online

4th Thursday In Person Herdsman
13th Thursday Online
20-21th Saturday to Sunday In person Charity Gameathon (Gloucester)
21th Sunday In Person Geek Retreat
28th Sunday Online

Saturday May 13-15th 2022 Mega May charity day!

Lots of adhoc events including RPGs on our communities

Fund raising history

Our charity of the year 2017 and 2018 is now our permanent partner is Herefordshire Mind. It’s a great fit for us as I see us a community first, games night second and we aim to provide a cheap fun safe hobby for all.

Over £11,170.24 raised in Five years
March 2020 Lock down to July 2021 for a Covid-19 total of £4593.25

July to June 2021 to 2022: Ongoing!
July to June 2020 to 2021: £3448.58 (£4009.69 Gift Aid)
July to June 2019 to 2020: £964.59 (£1171.55 Gift aid)
July to June 2018 to 2019:  £2458.35 (£3386 with gift aid)
July to June 2017 to 2018: £1794.14 (£2078 with gift aid)
May 2017 £525
May 2016 (Before formal creation of HB) £500 for the NSPCC
May 2015 (Before formal creation of HB) £500 for the NSPCC

Learn more  on Fundraising history page