Welcome to the home of board, card and war gamers in Herefordshire. Our aim is to promote and support the fun hobby that is playing with your friends (games that is!). . We aim to give back where we can raising money for charity, supporting communities, charities and local businesses.  We aim to provide a fun, safe, cheap community both in person and online. 

Herefordshire Board Gamers are a family-friendly group of like minded individuals, dedicated to bringing the joys and social experience of board gaming to any and all who pass through our doors. We welcome gamers of all ages, backgrounds, experience-levels and mindsets into the fold, and are always more than happy to assist in whatever ways we can in order to get you playing and enjoying a relaxed and pleasant time.

Why not join us and give it a try? There are no hidden costs or requirements; just come along, pick a game, and have a fun time.

May Mega raffle now closed it raised £1626 here https://herefordshireboardgamers.co.uk/charity/raffle/

Here is a look back at the most interesting year we’ve had

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All in person events are shelved but we are meeting online instead! Please join us on facebook Herefordshire  Boardgamers Community or Join us on discord https://bit.ly/HB-Discord
Donate here  https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/HerefordshireBoardgamers

Mental health guide bit.ly/HB-mentalhealth

We have 200+ games and 27 puzzles to lend for free. The complete A to Z of modern amazing games!


Exercise challenge https://www.facebook.com/groups/775843106363958

We are meeting online around one a week.

Our facebook page and discord is a great way to arrange game sessions outside of these events.  Atleast six role play groups and three regular meetings have already started.

We have also begun a community exercise challenge and have walked 1400 kms between Feb to April https://www.facebook.com/groups/hbexercisechallenge

Club poster, large version here


Upcoming events: (Still online)

4/7/21 Charity game day and AGM
Lots of adhoc events including RPGs
First Thursday
Third Sunday
Every other Monday (Social games)

Fund raising history

Our charity of the year 2017 and 2018 is now our permanent partner is Herefordshire Mind. It’s a great fit for us as I see us a community first, games night second and we aim to provide a cheap fun safe hobby for all.

Over £11,170.24 raised in Five years
Over £12,170.24 raised in Seven years!
March 2020 Lock down to Now £4593.25

July to June 2020 to 2021: £3448.58 (£4009.69 Gift Aid)
£30 June donation (£37.50)
£1626.92 (Mostly Raffle) (£1877.19)
£22 May Quiz (£27)
£130 Feb Charity game day (£167.50)
£86.66 Exercise challenge (£105.83)
£325 Playtesting donation Jan 2021 (£325)
£390.5 Raffle Dec (£468.25)
£50 Bring and buy Dec (£62.50)
£87.5 Quiz Dec (£111.25)
£215 August Game day (£262)
£195 for our July Charity game day. (£237)
£140 raised on our birthday party! (£175)
£120 November (£128.25)
£30 Merchandise (£33.75)

July to June 2019 to 2020: £964.59 (£1171.55 Gift aid)

£120 (£150) raised on our birthday party!
£351.18 (£393.64) Raised on our 24 hour game a thon
£241.41 (£290.16) Raised on our minor charity days.
£205 (£255) on our March virtual charity game day
£47 (£58.25) so far on our emoji quiz.
£225.25 (£270.31) Virtual May charity event.
£2 Merchandise

July to June 2018 to 2019:  £2458.35 (£3386 with gift aid)
£1678 raised on our Mega charity day (£2245 with gift aid)
£390.35 (437.85) on our 24 game a thon challenge!  
£390 (£482.50) total on our minor charity days in April, February, October and November

July to June 2017 to 2018: £1794.14 (£2078 with gift aid)
 £258 on our 24 game a thon challenge!
 £1268 on our mega charity board game day!

May 2017
£525 Charity game day

(We raised around £500 each year, the previous two years as well for the NSPCC!)

Two Thirds of our lending library (July 2020, we are now at 200 titles)

Please browse this site to find out more about us or board gaming in general or check us out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Herefordgamers/