Giant Games

We make life size board games, normally by hand and originally for very very cheap around £40! Which is less than you can buy the game we are enbiggening sometimes!

We make them giant because being big makes these games more challenging and more fun. Being the player piece changes your view of the board and brings a full physical aspect to the game. We only enlarge games which are made better being bigger. Staring at a large version of a board isn’t any better, whereas trying to balance on an ice flow or Tsuro tiles whilst seeing other players who are encroaching on your vision, space and planned exit route is amazing!

We do this to raise awareness of our wonderful hobby and to raise funds for charity. We don’t make any profit from it and they were made for around £50 each plus much free labour all of which was donated by our members. (Our new gamers we’ve invested in better paints and varnish so they have cost a lot more)

We do this to add interest to our gaming events, to give us a cool gimmick we also take our giant events to other charity events around the country!

Our first home made game was Molkky, not life size but still awesome.

Our second was Tsuro a tile laying game where you are the playing piece following the track you lay. Made from carpet tiles, spray paint it plays really well by effectively the orginal rules (you have two tiles in your hand not three as they are heavy) by being in the game rather than looking down on the board the game is about twice as hard and twice as fun! Originally made for our wedding to be our first dance! We sold and remade it lighter (Lino rather than carpet tiles)

Our third was Terror in Meeple City, you are a monster knocking down a city! This has 6 foot building and monster costumes! We managed to keep about 80% of the core rules and actually made the game much more accessible. This took over 100 hours of labour including graphic designers and costume makers.

We have just finished making Hey that’s my fish, another tile laying game similar to Tsuro but more tactical and aggressive, we should be able to keep all the rules!

Sharon, commenting about our giant games at Airecon 2019 “We loved playing the giant board games – it was the highlight of the day for my eight year old. They give the phrase ‘immersive game’ new dimensions! It was great fun and a very memorable experience.”

What shall we make next?

We have Hamsterrolle and would love permission to make Deep Sea Adventure.

Can I play them?
Yes they are available to borrow from our library or request them. We will bring them to our larger events.

Are the games for kids?
All of the games are great for adults or children, they are harder than the real games as you do feel the sense of space and pressure and your vision is restricted. Lots of tactics to be had, or we can simplify the rules and support younger folk

Our First home made game was Molkky, we made it as a prize for our charity event.

2017 Tsuro 1.0 made for our wedding.
2018 Giant Terror in Meeple city (dreamed up at my Stag do)
2019 Hey thats my Fish
2020: Charity Auction of Tsuro and Remade in lino
2022: Remake of Hey thats my fish (Twice)
2022: Giant Jenga

Which conventions have you taken them to?
Great Indoors x2, Dragondaze x 2, Handycon x 1, Airecon x5, UK Games Expo x1 , 24 hour Game athon x1, Gamers Get away x1.

What community events have you taken them to?
River Carnival and Hereford Comic Con.

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Giant Tsuro

Airecon 2022

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Giant Hey thats my Fish

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Giant Terror in Meeple city


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Giant Jenga

Here for games con 2022

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