How to join our online game nights

We have other guides on how to play online games here

Our online games nights are mostly hosted on discord, with some chat occuring on Facebook.

Discord is free and can be organised into channels or rooms easily allow us to break into different tables or game groups. It allows a lot more control than Facebook for example.

The channels also allow for specific tasks like providing instructions or arranging games, if something isn’t clear please ask us, either on Discord or another channel, we have tried to make it as easy as possible.


To join:
1) Install Discord on your device, PC or phone. (You can run it in a browser too)
2) Join the Herefordshire Board Gamers Discord Channel
3) Once you are in discord, make yourself familiar with the channels, the welcome channels are key. The channels are either VOICE or TEXT.
4) You can join a voice channel and chat to us and this also allows us to share our screens which is needed for a few games. (We will STREAM or go LIVE)
5) If there is lots of background noise where you are, it is polite to mute yourself and ideally use headphone.
6) Once you are in the voice channel we will guide you from there. We play a mix of games most of which are run from your browser and free, so works better if you have access to a PC or a Tablet (Bigger screen). You can run your voice from a seperate device like a mobile phone.


More information:

This is a screenshot of discord from my PC. Starting from the top left the white face / controler / robot Icon in the top left is HOME. Here you can private message people or form groups.

Below that is a number of Servers. I belong to many and have put them into a folder. The top channel has an unread notification. (You can control how often you receive notifcations by right clicking on a server)

A server is like a facebook page or group, it serves a group purpose. Our is the Herefordshire Board Gamers Server. It is split into channels.

On the left you can see there is a section of Information channels categorised to make them easy to use. A community section where you can talk and interact.

Below that is voice channels here we can talk as a group or break into smaller groups. General is the meet and greet area and the other channels are us splitting off into smaller rooms or tables so we can game or chat without disturbing others.

This is the main voice channel, double click on the channel to join it, if its a public event there may be

Further down are other specific areas or rooms.

This shows an unread message or notification.

Hopefully this rough guide to Discord will get you started. Please check out the welcome and information areas within our Server for more.

Chat and games links will be posted here


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