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Asmodee UK
Bed Sit Games
Big Potato Games
Coiledspring Games
Stuff By Bez
sussed card games
Zatu Games
lucky duck games
ggg games
Redwell games
Canine kleptomaniacs
Hachette Games UK
Camden Games
Roll & Play Press
History Craft
Stonemaier Games
Stellar Factor
Julibert Games
Gale Force Nine
Brotherwise Games
Cubicle 7
Gibson Games
Chivalry and Sorcery
Stop, Drop & Roll! – Stop Drop and Roll Games (sdrgames.studio)


Prime Foundation PLC
Welsh Water
Hereford Community Foundation
Hereford High Sherriff
The National Lottery Community Fund
Worcestershire County Council’s Micro Grants Neighbourhood and Community Groups Scheme
Asda Community scheme
Local Giving (Postcode Local Trust)

Business Support:

Free Design
AJ Video Edits

Purple River Media

2024 Sponsors

Board & DiceBoard&Dice (boardanddice.com)
Camden Gameshttps://camdengames.com/
CelophairGloomhaven – Cephalofair
coiled spring gameshttps://coiledspring.co.uk/
Cubicle 7https://cubicle7games.com/
Czech Games Editionhttps://czechgames.com/
Dark ImpThe Dark Imp
DesignerDoruk Kicikoglu | Board Game Designer | BoardGameGeek
Embroidery by Lishttps://www.facebook.com/EmbroideredgiftsbyLis/
Fantasy World MapsFantasyWorldMaps – Etsy UK
Free League Publishinghttps://freeleaguepublishing.com/
Gale Force Ninehttps://www.gf9.com/
Geek Etchedhttps://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/GeekEtched
GGGHome (ggggames.co.uk)
Gibson Gameshttps://gibsonsgames.co.uk/
Goodman Gameshttps://goodman-games.com/
Happy Yeti Gameshttps://www.happy-yeti.co.uk/
Head Bunny Gameshttps://headbunny.games/
Here for Gameshttps://herefor.games/
Homebrew Dicehttps://www.facebook.com/HomebrewDice
How am I wierdHow Am I Weird Game
Inside the BoxN/a (No longer exists)
Irregular Propshttps://www.irregularprops.com/
Izzy’s Tabletop Workshophttps://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/IzzyTabletopWorkshop
Kayenta Gameshttps://www.kayentapublishing.com/
laser Edge Gaminghttps://laseredgegaming.co.uk/
Leder gameshttps://ledergames.com/
Left Bankhttps://theleftbankvillage.co.uk/
Loke Battle Matshttps://www.lokebattlemats.com/
Lucky Duck GamesLucky Duck Games – Official Website – Lucky Duck Games
Magpie Gameshttps://magpiegames.com/
Mantic Gameshttps://www.manticgames.com/
MorphidiousModiphius – Publisher of RPG’s, miniatures, & tabletop board games
Mystery Dice Goblinhttps://mysterydicegoblin.com/
Role and Play Presshttps://rollandplaypress.com/
Rowan, Rook and Decardhttps://rowanrookanddecard.com/
Shirts and MerchShirtsAndMerchStudio – Etsy UK
Stellar Factoryhttps://stellarfactory.com/en-gb
Stonemaier Gameshttps://stonemaiergames.com/
Stop drop and rollStop, Drop & Roll! – Stop Drop and Roll Games (sdrgames.studio)
Strong Pointhttps://www.strongpointgame.co.uk/
THe detective Societyhttps://thedetectivesociety.com/
Themeborne gameshttps://themeborne.com/
UK Games expohttps://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/

2023 Sponsors:

Aireconhttps://www.airecon.co.uk/UK Games Convention
Battle systemshttps://battlesystems.co.uk/Games Publisher
Beefy Boys (Restaurant)https://thebeefyboys.com/Restaurant Chain
Big Potatohttps://bigpotato.co.uk/Games Publisher
Board & Dicehttps://boardanddice.com/Games Publisher
Board Game Arenahttps://en.boardgamearena.com/Online Games Platform
Bright Eye Gameshttps://www.brighteyegames.com/Games Publisher
Brotherwise gameshttps://www.brotherwisegames.com/Games Publisher
Camden gameshttps://camdengames.com/Games Publisher
Cephalofairhttps://cephalofair.com/Games Publisher
Chaosiumhttps://www.chaosium.com/RPG Publisher
Coiledspring Gameshttps://coiledspring.co.uk/Games Distrubter
Core CIChttps://www.skatehereford.co.uk/Skating and Events CIC
Cotto (Restaurant)https://www.cottohereford.co.uk/Restaurant
Cubicle 7https://cubicle7games.com/RPG Publisher
Czech Games Editionhttps://czechgames.com/Games Publisher
FantasyWorldMaps – Etsy UKFantasyWorldMaps – Etsy UKMap Maker
Felix Isaacs Quill Hound StudiosFelix Isaacs – itch.ioRPG Publisher
Flip out Herefordhttps://www.flipout.co.uk/locations/hereford/Events Company
Franks Luxury Biscuitshttps://www.franksluxurybiscuits.co.uk/Food Company
Free League
Foundry VTT
Home | Foundry Virtual Tabletop (foundryvtt.com)
RPG Publisher
RPG Virtual Tabletop
Geek Etchedhttps://geeketched.co.uk/Game / RPG accessory
Geek Retreat Herefordhttps://geek-retreat.uk/Board Game Café
GGG Gameshttps://ggggames.co.uk/Game Publisher
Goodman Gameshttps://goodman-games.com/RPG Publisher
Heady Bunny Gameshttps://headbunnygames.com/Game / RPG accessory
Herefordshire Board Gamershttps://www.herefor.gamesNon for Profit Games Community
History crafthttps://www.history-craft.co.uk/Game Publisher
Homebrew Dicehttps://www.homebrewdice.co.uk/Game / RPG accessory
Hotel Chocolathttps://www.hotelchocolat.com/Food Company
Kiendahttps://kienda.co.uk/Game store
Kosmoshttps://www.thamesandkosmos.co.uk/Game Publisher
Left Bankhttps://theleftbankvillage.co.uk/Events Company
Lucky Duck Gameshttps://luckyduckgames.com/Games Publisher
Magpie Gameshttps://magpiegames.com/RPG Publisher
Mantic Gameshttps://www.manticgames.com/Games Publisher
Matrixhttps://matrixhereford.co.uk/Events Company
Mighty Boards Mighty Boards – Board Game Development Studio (mighty-boards.com)Games Publisher
Mottokrosh Machinationshttps://mottokrosh.com/RPG Publisher
Oakerwood Leisurehttps://www.oakerwoodleisure.co.uk/Events Company
Off the Page Games / Fail Fasterhttps://courses.failfaster.ca/courses/intro-to-game-designGames Publisher
Q’s Comic Storehttps://www.facebook.com/qcomicstoreComic Store
Roll & Playhttps://rollandplaypress.com/RPG Publisher
Shirts And Merch Studio – Etsy UKShirtsAndMerchStudio – Etsy UKGame / RPG accessory
Stellar Factoryhttps://stellarfactory.com/en-gbGames Publisher
Stonemaier Gameshttps://stonemaiergames.com/Games Publisher
Stuff by Bezhttp://www.stuffbybez.com/Game Publisher
Sussedhttps://sussedcardgames.com/Games Publisher
The detective societyhttps://thedetectivesociety.com/Games Publisher
UK Games Expohttps://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/UK Games Convention
Viking Gameshttps://thevikinggames.co.uk/Events Company
Zatuhttps://www.board-game.co.uk/Games Store

2022 Sponsors:

Game Shops:

Chaos Cards https://www.chaoscards.co.uk/
Zatu: https://www.board-game.co.uk/

Game Designers / Publishers:

Sussed Card Game https://sussedcardgames.com/

Detective Society https://thedetectivesociety.com/

Medusa Games https://www.medusagames.co.uk/

Trolls N rerolls https://trollsnrerolls.com/

Board Game hub https://boardgamehub.co.uk/

Flood Gate Games https://floodgate.games/

Stuff by Bez http://www.stuffbybez.com/

BedSit Games https://www.bedsitgames.co.uk/

Big Potato Games https://bigpotato.co.uk/

Czech Edition Games https://czechgames.com/

Lucky Duck Games https://luckyduckgames.com/

StoneMaier Games https://stonemaiergames.com/

GGG Games https://ggggames.co.uk/

Games Workshop Hereford

Game Distributors:
Coiled Spring https://coiledspring.co.uk/

Hachette Games https://www.hachetteboardgames.co.uk/

Game adjacent:
Board Game arena https://boardgamearena.com/

Airecon Https://www.airecon.co.uk/

Geek Etched https://geeketched.co.uk

Home Brew Dice https://www.homebrewdice.co.uk

NinjaGeek Games  https://www.youtube.com/c/NinjaGeekGames

Basically Wooden https://www.basicallywooden.co.uk/


Free League Publishing https://freeleaguepublishing.com/

Foundry VTT Https://foundryvtt.com/

Magpie Games https://magpiegames.com/

WildSea RPG https://mottokrosh.com/machinations

Cubicle 7 https://cubicle7games.com/

Goodman Games https://goodman-games.com/

Chaosium  https://www.chaosium.com/

BullyPit games https://bullypulpitgames.com/

Local Businesses:

Geek Retreat Hereford https://geek-retreat.uk/venue/geek-retreat-hereford/

Mouse Trap Cheese https://www.mousetrapcheese.co.uk/

Seedling shttps://www.seedlingstrade.com/

Ganesha https://www.facebook.com/GaneshaHereford/

Franks Luxury Biscuits https://www.franksluxurybiscuits.co.uk/

V8 Media https://www.v8media.co.uk/

Jeanius Design https://jeanius-design.co.uk/

Purple River Media https://www.facebook.com/PurpleRiverMedia/

Skate Hereford https://www.skatehereford.co.uk/

Friends of Castle greenm http://www.friendsofcastlegreen.org.uk/

Q comics https://www.facebook.com/qcomicstore/

Autosport models https://www.facebook.com/Autosport-Models-Collectables-456520207889815/

HVOSS https://www.hvoss.org.uk/

Waitrose Hereford

Oaker Wood Leisure oakerwoodleisure.co.uk

Diva Media https://www.diva-media.co.uk/

Richmond Place https://www.facebook.com/RichmondPlaceClub

Herdsman https://www.facebook.com/TheHerdsmanPub

Hereford Make CIC https://www.facebook.com/herefordmakecic

Yarcle Cider https://yarcle.co.uk/ 

Herefordshire Council

Snow Software www.snowsoftware.com

Left over from 2021
Candle and light pack https://www.partylite.co.uk/
Dice Towers from Personalisedstore (Etsy)

2021 Sponsors:

Many wonderful Individuals:
2 Foundry Virtual Table top keys Foundry VTT Community
1 copy of Foothills Ben Bateson (the codesigner!)
4 packs of Sussed Games Sussed Card Games
Puzzles and Games from Coiledspring Games
Board Game arena Premium membership Board Game Arena
Candle and light pack https://www.partylite.co.uk/
Games from Big Potato
RPG PDFS from Cubicle 7 Entertainment
Games from Stuff By Bez
Games from Surprised Stare Games Ltd
Game from Zatu Games
Game from Chaos Cards
RPGs from Goodmen Games
RPGs from Chaosium
Buscuits from Franks Luxury Biscuits
Dice Towers from Personalisedstore (Etsy)
Games from https://luckyduckgames.com/
Games from https://www.haba.de/en_GB
Game https://www.bedsitgames.co.uk/
Digital games https://czechgames.com/
RPG RPGs 3T-RPG-Publishing

2020 Sponsors: (It was an interesting year)

Chaosium Makers of fine RPGs, also horrible deadly ones.
Surprised Stare Games Makers of fine board games. Also some of the designers are local.
Coiled Spring Distributors of fine games and puzzles
Big Potato Games makers of games and great community minded

2019 Sponsors:

Game related
AireCon (Event)
Asmodee UK (Distibuter)
Big Potato (Publisher)
Calliope Games (Publisher)
Chaos Cards (Shop and Eshop)
Coiledspring Games (Distributor)
Czech Games Edition (Publisher)
Mantic Games (Publisher)
Meeples’ Corner (Shop and Eshop)
Stuff By Bez (Publisher)
The Board Game Hut (Shop and Eshop)
Board Game Monster  (Shop and Eshop)
Dukes gaming (Local Shop and Eshop)
Pegasus Hobbies & Games (Local Shop and Eshop)
Folded Space (Accessories)
Board Game Hub https://boardgamehub.co.uk/ (Publisher)

Food / Drink
Madam & Adam
Golden Fleece, Hereford
Franks Luxury Biscuits
The Wobbly Brewing and Events Ltd
Wye Valley Brewery
Burger Shop Hereford
Heggies of Hereford
Beer in Hand
The Swan Inn

Battlelands Paintball Herefordshire
Breakout Cardiff (Now closed)
Escape Rooms Cardiff
Left Bank Village

Fraser Painting
Jay Illustrations
Bateson’s lizards and salamander incorporated

Friends of Castle Green
The core
Odeon- Old Market Hereford 
Hereford Library

2018 Sponsors:

Accasion Marquees
Basically Wooden (Accessories)
Boardgameguru.co.uk (Eshop)
The Board Game Hut Limited
Board Game Monster
Cuddly Cthulhu Creatives now called  https://lockecreatives.com/
TheCore Skatehereford Cic
Imperial Hereford
The Kup-cake Kitchen Café
Left Bank Village
Madam & Adam
Meeples’ Corner
Mythic Games (Publisher)
Pegasus Hobbies & Games
The Swan Inn
Wise Owl Toys (Shop and Eshop)
Wye Valley Brewery
Zatu Games (Shop and Eshop)