Community outreach and support

What we do

We provide free events, online and in person, a wide range of games from card, board games, video games to role play games. We also provide other events included guided meditation and exercise to help the well being of our members.

The second most important thing we provide is a friendly inclusive community where people can belong, join us in giving back and arrange their own session.

We also share knowledge and resources. We have wide range of guides and advice aimed at both begineers in the gaming space to organisers of events and game events.

We have a lending library of 500 games, jigsaws and event equipment, with our knowledge and support helping people to run games nights and home or as part of their community. December 2022 we supported three warm rooms. We also have supported two other game groups get off the ground by providing both support and games and others with knowledge and advice.

Who we are?

We are volunteer community, where currently all of the volunteers have full time jobs, we already have a packed schedule of over 8 events a month, and a free three day annual convention. We would love to help everyone but we need to be realistic and very careful with our most important resource our volunteers to make sure they are looked after and not overworked.

Everyone is welcome at our events and we aim to be as inclusive as possible. We run a wide range of event online and in person.

What we can do?

We can provide knowledge and support
We can provide a curated games library for you to borrow.
We can provide event equipment.

We MAY be able to provide volunteers including games teachers, games library and equipment, we judge each event on the following criteria;
+ Overall community /social impact
+ Benefit to us (awareness, advertising, volunteer recruitment)
+ Resources required, both assets and volunteers
+ When, events during working hours will be very hard to support

We aim to keep all our work free and accessible, but we will gladly accept donations where if can be afforded or where funding is available. Support covering volunteer costs would be beneficial

Collaborations / Partnerships

We are very interested in working with other groups, communities where we can add value to each other. Get in touch please.

The future?

We are looking to grow our volunteer team to support more events, we are developing a ‘train the trainer’ scheme where we can support you in running your own events.

Can you help?

We’d love help sharing our events, growing our volunteer base and gathering support in the form of temporary volunteers, prizes and sponsorship. We also need help testing and developing our ideas.

Who have we helped?

In 2022 we hosted an activity area at River Carnival, provided packs of games to 3 warm rooms, supported two new games groups with packs of games. Our knowledge sharing have helped games groups and individuals locally, nationally and beyond.

We’ve helped 100s of individuals with free events, socialisation and community including 16 hours of free online gaming between christmas eve to boxing day.

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How can we get in touch. Please provide as much information as you can so we can review.
We will review the answers and get back to you as soon as we can.

Event Details

Please provide as many details about your event so we can understand it and how best we can support. We have limited capacity so have to chose what to support carefully.

Support needed?

What assistance do you need? 

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