Free Lending library (400 games and RPGs, 50 Jigsaws)

We’ve 300 titles to lend out for free! Even if you need to take them into isolation with you, that’s fine! We have the full A to Z of amazing modern games. 50% of our games are less than 6 years old 99% less than 20 years old. 230 Board games, 30 plus jigsaws, role play games, magazine and more.

We’ve just launched a dedicated website lots more information there short link is

July 2021 (Lots out on loan including 2 separate event libraries)
Jigsaws to lend out. (|July 2021)
Some of our childrens games. really popular so over half are lent out (July 2021)

A video of two thirds of our library is here (May 2020)

Two thirds of our library as of August 2020!

Two thirds of the games library (As of May 2020)

We can arrange pick up or a kind member has offered to deliver. We will quarantine games between loans should we swap them out mid isolation. We will ask for a small security deposit as it’s over £4000 worth of games in the library and we want to keep them safe so many people can enjoy them..