Why? Because games are fun!

We all know how the story goes when you get to work or school on a Monday morning. Someone you know will ask you what you have done this weekend, only for you to reply with “nothing much” and move on.

But what if your weekends could be something more? Have you ever wanted to be a Pirate? Or perhaps a Viking, a Ninja or an Orc? Maybe your dream as a child was to fly an X-Wing fighter, explore mysterious and dangerous planets, or save the world… What if those dreams could become a reality?

With modern board games, you can achieve these dreams and more. Whatever your desires may be, we can guarantee that there is something on offer for you. Consider yourself a dab hand at trading, pillaging or fighting? There are games for that. Fancy yourself a spy, a bard or a loveable rogue? Consider it done. Whether you are a team player or a lone wolf, a family friendly person or a more fiendish, naughty kind of soul, a fast-paced flash of a player or a campaign-hungry leader of a great and noble house, we will have a game on hand that you can enjoy.


Hobbies and free time are vital for mental well being, taking time for yourself and doing things you enjoy should be a key part of your schedule. You should never been embrassed or guilty about taking time for yourself whether it’s playing a game, going for a walk or binging an entire TV series.

I’m going to briefly advocate why tabletop gaming is a great hobby. Tabletop gaming includes board games, card games, traditional games, war games and role play games. There is a huge diversity within the hobby.

1) The chance to learn, to experience new things. Learn new games, learn new types of games, game with new people, attend conventions.

2) The chance to take risks. Games are social but they are also easy social as in no awkward small talk is needed.

3) The chance to role play. This can be as simple as a cautious person going on the full attack in a war game to loosing yourself in a story.

4) Escapism. Engaging your brain and forgetting about the world for a few moments.

5) Socialisation. Games are social but they are also easy social as in no awkward small talk is needed.

6) Achievement. I don’t mean just winning, learning a new game, getting a high score, trying a new strategy (Even if it sucked)

7) Get away from screens

8 A good night out or in!


1) Games are for children. This is common, but is having fun only for children? Enjoy your hobby and don’t be ashamed.

2) Games are too complicated. Games are varied as books, films or video games, there are 5 minute games to 14 hour games. There thousands out there and there is something for everyone. Find a good games club to help you find the right game.

3) Games are too easy / Boring. See above It’s al;so worth nothing we are fast approaching 100 years of monopoly, consider how other forms of media have appears and grown in a similar time, TV, Video games board game have changed and improved as much, learning lessons and taking advantage of new technology.

4) I’m embarrassed to look stupid (either by not understanding the rules or loosing) A good group will have a supportive culture, support you in learning and share in your victories and help with your defeats. Learn to enjoy your mistakes and learn from them.

5) Fear of losing. Focus on the journey, the experience and don’t worry about winning. Even a random game with 4 players you will only win a quarter of the time. Some people are better at certain types of games.

6) Time. The toughest barrier, do your best to find a gap in schedule even if you have to book it in- weeks in advance, make the gap and look forward to it. Prepare and get your admin sorted to make it easier and remove last minute barriers.

Be warned gaming, can be addictive!