Here are the policies which guide and support us. Our aim to support everyone in attending our events and having a great time. We will do what ever can to support that. If you have any suggestions or feedback let us know.

Constitution: https://herefordshireboardgamers.co.uk/who/constitution/
Code of Conduct: https://herefordshireboardgamers.co.uk/who/code-of-conduct/
Child Protection Herefordshire-Board-Gamers-Child-Protection-Policy-2022.pdf
Equal Opportunities Herefordshire-Board-Gamers-Equal-opportunitiues-equality-and-Diversity-2022_.pdf
Complains Herefordshire-Board-Gamers-Complaints-Procedure-2022.pdf
Volunteer information: Volunteer with us – Herefordshire Board Gamers
Risk assessment: Under final review

Important but not policies
Aims: https://herefordshireboardgamers.co.uk/who/aims/
Draft Accessibility policy https://herefordshireboardgamers.co.uk/who/accessibility-and-inclusion-policy/
Event templates https://herefordshireboardgamers.co.uk/policies/event-templates/

Under 18s

Children supervised by an adult are welcome at all of our public events (unless specified). In order to provide quality time for all we will provide a cut off time for younger children at some of our events, where we ask only well behaved mature children remain. Times to be provided on an event by event basic.

Escalation and feedback process

Discord: Core Team > Admin > Adam
Facebook: Core Team/ Moderators > Admin > Adam
In Person Yellow Lanyards/ Core Team > Adam

Please always report anything no matter how small. We are here to help.
You can submit problems, questions to anyone in the process, if you wish to talk to Adam / Admin immediately that is fine 

Escalation / management

Our code of conduct is written is a positive way and doesn’t contain a list of things that shouldn’t be done, that said it’s intention is for us all to have a great time.

We (the event organisers, committee members and helpers) reserve the right to remove any player from any game or event where they are causing a nuisance or lowering the experience of other players.

The process is
1) Polite but firm request delivered promptly
2) Formal Warning. delivered in a private location (Second team member to witness)
3) Removal and 7 day suspension from all events. (To be reviewed at the 7 days period)

There is no minimal time period for this to be conducted over, the warning to removal can be with in 10 minutes if the behaviour persists. We also reserve the right to use our discretion, skip go and move immediately to suspension and removal.

During this process if is possible please inform and communicate with a more senior member of the team who can assist you or take over the process. However should this not be possible please use your best judgement and submit a report afterwards.

I don’t intend to define exactly what is a nuisance but play nice and listen to the team who are here to help you have fun.

We want to empower all members to call our inappropriate behavior so please do challenge or report to us.

High level Complains Procedure

Complains can be submitted to a member of the core committee or via any of the contact channels.

Adam / Chair. Will form a team form of core committee members to investigate the complaint.
The team will be selected based on skills, availability and relation to the complaint.

The Management Committee will take complaints of discrimination and harassment very
• They will investigate them thoroughly, and provide opportunities for the person making
the complaint to speak in a safe environment about their experience.
• If the complaint is against a particular individual, the committee will hear their point of
• The Committee will decide the action to take based on the principle of ensuring the
continued inclusion and safety of any member who has experienced discrimination or
• Any decision to terminate someone’s membership will be made in line with the rules set
out in the constitution.

Behaviour outside of the events and community which may harm the reputation of Herefordshire Board can be included and reviewd and members asked to leave to protect Herefordshire Board Gamers.