Megamay 2022 charity event

An outstanding success:! 300 visitors, 200 unique guests 30 hours of free gaming! MEGAMAY 2022

May 13-15th 2022. Herefordshire Board Gamers ran a free three day gaming convention raising money for a local Mental health Charity. They raised £2975.76 mostly from a raffle with £5000 of prizes.

The event had a focus on a friendliness, welcome, inclusion and supporting people new to gaming as well experienced gamers.

Some of the features of the events was lifesize games, Role play games Online and inperson, exhibitors and demonstrations, games library, dedicated games teachers, painting zone and special guests.

Around 200 people attended for a footfall of 300. for a lot of the guests it was their first big event since the pandemic and first time meeting friends for years as well.  Guests ranged from 6 months to 92 years young.

The event was supported by a number of grants and a large team of volunteers both local and national and was run in one of the poorest and smallest counties in England.

Herefordshire Board Gamers are a volunteer community with focus on free inclusive events to give back to the community and have also created a free lending library of over 400 games, jigsaws and more lending packs of fun into peoples homes from the first lock down in the pandemic.

This fund raising builds on £7500 during the first two years of the pandemic and a 6 year total of over £17,200

Sharing knowledge is another important aspect of Herefordshire Board Gamers who have created articles and run seminars providing advice on how to buy games, teach games, run inclusive, accessible games nights and how to fund raise. The most important guide is a mental health first aid guide for communities.

They run regular events online and in person and have friendly communities on Facebook and Discord.

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Event Highlights!

Special guests:

Designer Bez Shahriari from Stuff By Bez
Designer Dave Wetherall from GGG Games
Designer Mark Evans Sussed Card Games since 2011
Designer Steve Cluer the-pyramid-of-khufu
Blood on the Clocktower – UK lead Ben Burns

Dune World Record endurance holders
RPG Parsling designer BlueTwo Days
RPG Wildsea Head Play Test Ric
RPG Hypertellurians designer Frank Mottokrosh

Black Crow VikingsNatalia Pazar demoer from Lucky Duck Games
Thomas Hicks from Geek Etched (Trader)

Family zone! New this year!

Welcome Games new this year!

Lifesize games:
Tsuro, Hey thats my fish and Terror in Meeple City. Lots of fun! With families come back again and again

Painting zone
We had to double the space on the saturday! A fun chilled space to learn how to paint

RPG designers running their Games online
The designers running their games was a huge honour and lots of fun was had

Running both ONLINE and in person.
We didn’t want to leave our all the online friends we made over the pandemic.

Amazing sponsors
Our sponsors – Herefordshire Board Gamers