Accessibility and Inclusion

We take accessibility and inclusion seriously but we know there is always more we can do!

In short if there is something we can do to make attending an event easier, we will. Please contact us.

Contact – Herefordshire Board Gamers

We have a team dedicated in supporting and advising on diversity and inclusion and always welcome any feedback or ideas.

Where possible we use accessible venues but our aim is also to provide free events (wealth is an accessibility factor) can provide a challenge. All event adverts will include details on a range of accessibility factors.

If there are specific requirements please let us know we will do our very best to support.

Our venue pages include photographs of the route from the front door to the space we meet in fully set up

All events follow templates where we provide as much information as we can.

We aim to share and promote diversity including promoting related content Pride, LGBTQIA and Disability Pride.

Some of our plans.
Reviewing all our guides to make sure the are accessible in the language choice etc
Recording audio guides
Video walkthroughs of the venues.

Our Policies