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It is great to find such an inclusive, friendly group. We were welcomed and made to feel very comfortable. There was always someone on hand to explain how to play the games.


HBG is really a community and we are all supportive of each other and accept one another for who we as individuals are. I personally find gaming to have a relaxing, Mindfulness effect on me where my mind quietens, thus increasing my mental health and well-being


Everyone involved and attending were so friendly and helpful. There was not one person I came across who was not willing to help or share their time. Would we return next time: MOST DEFINITELY!!! This weekend was an absolute first for us and most definitely not a last.


I think the thing I liked the absolute most was that the event was sensitive to mental health, identity and non-cis personas without being sanctimonious or pretentious about it. It made both me and my partner really comfortable and able to freely enjoy the event.


Your roundtable was my personal highlight of the entire expo; thank you so much for organising it and sharing your experience with other enthusiasts so generously. 


Last year I was introduced to online games. At my age….64… I thought it would be snakes and ladders. I can hear the intake of breath. No these are fun ones, some a twist on old games, mystery, team games, the list is long. But most of all the people are genuine soles eager to help and encourage any and all. 


The Herefordshire board gamers have had such a positive impact on our family.

We like playing games but find after playing the same ones we end up not playing at all. And with the rising costs of living it’s just not financially viable for us to pay out for new games all the time. The group have given us back that quality family time by allowing us to try new games for free. So much choice and very friendly, knowledgeable people running it. Even our 16 year old has started getting a game out ready to play once the younger kids are in bed. It’s been lovely having time together. The kids are excited when it comes to ‘game swap time’ too. It weirdly reminds me of the excitement I used to feel as a child going to blockbuster and being able to choose from so many items!



“Herefordshire Board Gamers Library is an absolute gem for board game enthusiasts like us, and it’s quickly become a go-to destination for fun and entertainment. In a world dominated by screens and virtual experiences, Herefordshire Board Gamers Library is like a breath of fresh air. It’s a reminder that the simple joy of sitting down with friends, rolling dice, and strategizing on a board is timeless and priceless.
The first thing that struck us was the incredible range and sheer number of games available. It’s like entering a magical realm of cardboard and strategy. From classic family games to intricate Eurogames, there’s something here for every taste and skill level. Every game we have borrowed from the library is in excellent condition. It’s clear that the organizers and volunteers put their hearts into ensuring that the games are in top-notch condition. It makes the entire gaming experience feel really enjoyable. The organizers and volunteers, they deserve a standing ovation! Their passion for board games is infectious, whether you’re a seasoned gamer looking for a challenge or a beginner in need of some guidance, they’re always there to help. And let’s not forget Adam, his recommendations are excellent. The costs of some of the premium board games make them hard to purchase, the library lets you try before you buy. We have made several purchases after borrowing games (and finding that we couldn’t live without them). So, next time you have some free time check out the library, and I am sure that like us, you won’t be disappointed!”

Hannah & Lesley (Shuffle&Roll)

Feedback on how we handle inclusion 2023

I think that you are brilliant at this, better than any other group I’ve heard of.

Providing free spaces for people to have fun and socialise without discrimination

Being shown the games is really helpful and those teaching have been knowledgeable and friendly.

Strong policies that protect members and a culture of respect and inclusivity.
Events that welcome vulnerable groups such as LGBTQ+ /disabled/ neurodivergent as well as signage and games that specifically cater for them.

being welcoming and inclusive and for creating a communal space where I feel safe and can have fun and make friends

The free lending library, and on top of that the ability to borrow tables and chairs, means that all you would need to host your own event is at your finger tips. It’s very very good, I think having a games library is very generous.

Here for Games Con 2023 Feedback


How inclusive the event was. It really was for everyone and I felt very welcome and looked after.

All of the volunteers were so friendly and welcoming

Pronoun stickers were great!

Walking in and being swept up into a game almost instantly.

I really liked the variety of games that were running.

Everyone was just so friendly and welcoming. It was lovely that Adam welcomed us straightaway and explained the activities and layout of the convention, and asked what we were particularly interested in.

2023 End of Year survey Testimonials

I discovered the club at Hereford Pride. Loved the idea but didn’t join for a while. After the break up of a long term relationship I realised I didn’t have any friends. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and went to my first game night. I was welcomed instantly and found myself coming out of my shell. As someone with both a physical disability and severe anxiety, I find making friends extremely difficult but now I feel I have found my people. I look forward to each event and would love to get stuck into the club more

Coming to these events has massively improved my quality of life – I feel part of a wonderful community – thank you

HBG has really helped encourage me to take a step back from the more isolating hobbies such as reading and TV  and get more involved with other people.

Having a public venue where I can go several times a month has been a game changer to my social life and confidence skills. I found a lot of people didn’t want the pressure of hosting or having to manage fear/embarrassment of people seeing where they live has held a lot of friends back from attending or hosting social nights, so having a board gaming venue where we can all meet up where all you have to bring is yourself has really turned my life around.

HBG has encouraged me to step beyond the mainstream games like Game of Life and Scrabble. Every game recommended to me has been better than 90% of the mainstream games.

One of the most off putting things about joining a new group or club is the fear of meeting new people and conversation. However, when playing board games, chat if you want but otherwise just play games. HBG really ‘gets’ that.

I was quite new to the city and was struggling being far away from family and friends – this group was such a nice way to socialise while doing something I love. Coming to events really boosted my confidence and introduced me to lots of fun new games. Everyone is very friendly and the community is so inclusive!

A very big, positive impact. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that Herefordshire Boardgamers is one of the most consistently active organizations in little old Hereford, and I think it brings a lot of genuine good to this area, especially with how easy it sometimes feels to become socially isolated around here, with everyone often scattered in little towns all across the countryside. I think I would be in a much worse place now if this group did not exist and carried out the good work it does.

Stories from Pride month 2023

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