CONLine events! May 1st to 11th


Board Games:

Monday 1st

Friday 5th

Monday 8th
Thursday 11th


Blood on the Clock Tower

Tuesday 2nd (Beginners)

Saturday 6th (Beginners)
Saturday 6th (Veteran)


Role Play Games

Tuesday 2nd We are room mates now

Wed 3rd Avatar

Wed 3rd View Scream

Thursday 4th Rivers of London

Saturday 6th Dungeons and Dragons

Saturday 6th Aliens

Sunday 7th Dungeons and Dragons

Sunday 7th May Alice Is Missing

Wednesday 7th Rune Quest
Wed 10th View Scream


Video Games

Monday 1st (Fall Guys, Among Us & Brawlhalla)
Monday 8th F.A.B (Fall Guys, Among Us & Brawlhalla)


Knowledge Share

Monday 1st Role Play Games

Wednesday 3rd Allyship and Gender Inclusive Language

Wednesday 10th Board Game Organiser


RPGs and blood on the clock tower all guests must sign up to Warhorn as these are number limited and we don’t want any one to miss out. You may need to wait to be ‘cleared’ before you can sign up to events.