AGM Sunday 19:30 (Charity games all day)

I am looking forward to the AGM on sunday, where I’ll review the year and lay our some plans. There is no officers changes so we’ll fast track that part. 19:30 Meeting on discord. Online charity games all… Read More

Charity update and announcement

Charity update and announcement: Our May charity weekend was a great success, the highlight being Sunday with two RPGs, an escape room, a painting room and board games all happening at once! Thank you to everyone who ran… Read More

May Mega raffle now live £2000 of prizes!

Interview with UK Games Expo

This wednesday, I was interview by the lovely team at the UK Games Expo one of your favourite game conventions which we have been going to for years, from only being in the Hilton to taking over chunks… Read More

Lock down one year one. It’s been a hell of a year.

One year ago we went online for the first time. I had played coop shooter video games using Steam for voice chat and a handful of games of Keyflower on Board Game Arena, but March 2020 was new… Read More

Board games in Schools / Time is precious

Time. Time is a precious commodity in schools, and in life. So often we feel rushed off our feet, never pausing to breath, bundling from one day to the next desperately hoping to keep up. Time. Lockdown and… Read More

Role play games update

Off to an amazing start to 2021 for RPGs. So far we have played Zombie World, Are you my Soul Mate, ‘a fantasy homebrew’, Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, Bride for Dracula and Alice is missing, Schedules for the… Read More

2020 look back and 2021 look forward

Happy new year all. I am going to list some of our achievements but i want to say this first. Everyone who is still here is winning. 2020 has been a hard year, a lot harder for some… Read More

6 month look back- Summary / TLDR

Here is the short version! Since lock down We have:Ran every planned game nightRan nearly 60 extra free eventsIncreased the free lending library 33 to 120 titles (£2500 of titles from A to Z)Delivered / lent our 100th… Read More

6 month look back.

What an interesting six months it has been, we were just getting ready to go to Airecon, the last big convention to be held almost anywhere. We’d just rushed to remake our life size Tsuro, after auctioning off… Read More