CONLine schedule live! (more to be added!)

CONLine schedule live! (more to be added!)

Here for Games CONline! 11 days of online games, events and knowledge sharing! I am really proud to be starting an online convention when most of the other have stopped. We have schedule packed full of events for you to take part in!

We aren’t twitchers or streamers so it’s all about the events and helping people have as much fun as possible!

We have Board games on Board Game Arena, video games, Blood on the Clock Tower, guided meditation, a host of role play games (RPGs) knowledge shares on RPGs, Allyship, Gender inclusive language and how to run inclusive game events. We have a few more things to add and would love any more events!

RPGs will be arranged ONLY via warhorn. We will duplicate the public events on to both discord and both main facebook groups.

I am so sorry for the ‘spam’ duplication but I don’t want any one to miss out! This is our first time running anything like this! We’ll try out best but expect a few mistakes 🙂

If anyone wants to organise anything online as long as it’s free, inclusive give me a shout, Want to talk films happy to provide a slot for example.

Conline Event
Convention Discord
Convention facebook group
The Main convention event: May 12 to 14th