Charity update and announcement

Charity update and announcement: Our May charity weekend was a great success, the highlight being Sunday with two RPGs, an escape room, a painting room and board games all happening at once! Thank you to everyone who ran… Read More

Lock down one year one. It’s been a hell of a year.

One year ago we went online for the first time. I had played coop shooter video games using Steam for voice chat and a handful of games of Keyflower on Board Game Arena, but March 2020 was new… Read More

Charity Game day Sunday and Library update

Charity games day this Saturday 11am to late. Free entry but please donate if you like what we do. Mind is a great charity. We aren’t planning any raffles or anything fancy but there will be a mix… Read More

Quiz night Saturday 6th 7.30 and January Updates

2021! So far we are kicking ass what do you want to see next? Only 6 days have gone by without some kind of hb event. 14 different rpg systems played We have launched our paint and chill… Read More

Extra game days 24th and 30th

Extra game days on 24 and 30 of January

Winter Event Schedule

In addition to our first Thursday and third Sunday, we are still aiming for weekly main events and on top of that there are lots of extra events from RPGs to Among us nights happening organised by us… Read More

General updates, Weekly games nights!

Lots going on, We are still lending games from our library and running weekly game nights. Most of the activity happens on discord and facebook. We’ve recently run a video game running many brutal sessions of Among us…. Read More

Games night Thursday and lots of RPGs starting too

Our aim is weekly games night so we are adding an extra games night on Thursday! We are continuing our theme of qwirky codenames, this time Codegame of thrones. We’ve have also 6 rpgs in recruitment! Masks, ZombieWorld,… Read More

Games night Thursday

We are hosting an extra online games night on Thursday. This is part of our plans to try and run a game night a week and atleast two RPGs a month.

Codenames, Codegames, CodeJames and CodeDames. Codebrains on the 14th!

For a bit of fun and part of our extra events, we’ve been running custom puntastic versions of codenames. You are welcome to use our grids. Some of these are a bit more niche so we welcome players… Read More