Sponser spotlight 5/6

Sponser spotlight 5/6

Sponsor Spot light 5/6 . TWO DAYS TO GO.Raffle stands at £1569 donated for 78.49 prizes. A covid total of £4489! Please give it one last share 😃


Big Potato Big Potato
Games company, specialising in light, social party games as well as family games. Big Potato have previously donated manyl games to our lending library, competions and previous raffles, and they are ideal for introducing newer gamers to the hobby and for large groups. They have given us copies of Bucket of Doom, Blockbuster, Obama Llama 2, Weird Things Humans Search For, Dino Dump and Twin It for our raffle.

Board Game Arena Board Game Arena

Board Game Arena is an online board gaming platform. There are a wide range of games you can play for free and there are a lot more which can be unlocked by paying for a premium membership. BGA has been invaluable for us during the various lockdowns, in allowing us to run many online gaming sessions. They have given us two, one year’s premium membership for our raffle.An amazing way to learn and try new games a total life line during the last


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