Prize pool past £5000-

Our amazing prize pool is past £5000! 

We have a full spreadsheet of prizes which we are adding too most days! there is over 100 games to be won and lots of non game related prizes too! £50 food and event vouchers, jewelery, candles and more!

Here’s how you can win!
7 bundles online worth £125 to £150. (5 contests – 1-2 prizes)
2 Like and shares on instragram (FREE to enter!)
5 Play to win games (FREE to enter!)
2 online auctions to be launched
2-3 bundles worth over £150 to be won only in person. ** (Seperate raffles with a single prize one ticket wins) (2 contest each with 1  prizes)
Normal Raffle (1 contest, lots of prizes, you pick you own)

Full details

Our wonderful sponsors, if we had more time we would give everyone of them a very deserved dedicated post and spotlight, however this event is far longer, more varied and we are also adding new systems to make it inclusive we haven’t the time right now.

After the event we will revisit our top sponsors, detail and thank you. All sponsors will reside on our website for ever too 🙂

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