Free stuff ish

During these interesting times, companies are stepping up and giving stuff away for free. I will update this post as I find more!

This facebook thread is slightly more upto date, I’ll copy stuff across as I can.

I will list what i can here.
Jackbox.TV Drawfull 2 Free

Half price apps (with half to charity) Galaxy Trucker and Roll through the ages. (both amazing games)

Free print and play games (some are always free, other lines have been made free including

Chamelion app by Big potato. Team social deducation game

Steam board game, free this weekend, Between two castles

Free roll and write game from Jamey Stegmaier

Asomodee digital apps some free some heavily reduced

Frostgrave rules for free

Greenmangames, Jackbox games on offer

Free games every so often (not covid related)

Quiz game free – Mr lister quiz shootout by Big Potato Games

Cards against humanity free edition

Free escape room style game

Chronicles of crime free edition (also one free adventure in the app

Board game geek master list of free stuff (some overlap)

CMON, free stuff

Free print and play stuff
More free print and play stuff