World Suicide Prevention Day 2023 “Creating Hope Through Action” (Including Free online training)

Trigger Warning: Mental Health.
World Suicide Prevention Day 2023 “Creating Hope Through Action

Hi All. Little bit late. A lot of mental health first aid is common sense, but active listening is subtle, and for empathetic problem solvers you may want to jump in and help find solutions, when the best thing to do is to to listen, ask question and keep the focus on the person.

Practicing active listening is a useful skill, it can help spot actual problems and show people you care.

At a small level we help. Belonging, community, focus and giving back is so important. That’s our action, to continue to provide a safe community and mental health first aiders. I know we’ve had a big impact and I hope with your help we will continue to support each other.

I’ll pop a few useful links in the comments.

As a reminder please look after yourself first and get help for yourself or for others.

Note- main images is from teaching but it’s one of the best Images I’ve found.


Useful links

Brené Brown on Empathy – YouTube
World Suicide Prevention Day | Campaigns | Samaritans

Free Suicide Prevention Training!
Free Suicide Prevention Training – Herefordshire Tickets, Multiple Dates | Eventbrite