Who we are: An infographic.

Who we are and what we do!

The core of what we do hasn’t changed since we began, we want to provide free social events, a community and to give back, how we do it has changes, starting RPGs, video games, online sessions and the lending library during the pandemic. Rebanding the annual convention last year (Here For Games con). Launching new websites to support the above.

We do a lot, we have some members who only take part in one or two of our groups which is completely fine. The new graphic above is to help people understand what we do, to ensure no one misses out.

Our aims Aims – Herefordshire Board Gamers

Here for Games (Newish)

www.herefor.games was softly launched early this year as a way of both bringing together and also keeping clearly defined what we do. It also serves as a much clearer landing pad for everyone but specifically people new to us.

Herefordshire Board Gamers / Here for Games is mostly interchangable but I hope for our bigger, non local projects the new ‘brand’ will be catchier and the URL shorter to remember.

You should find our data easier to find for example to donate Www.herefor.games/donate you can also use /discord and /library and lots of others

Here for Games Knowledge (New!)

I am in the process of relaunching our knowledge sharing. We already have 20 plus great guides. We have great guides on inclusion and also local guides which include a full walkthrough our what our game night is like including photos of all of our regular venues.

I want to make them easier to find, and also create a space(s) where questions can be asked and support given, I am hoping to launch Here for games Knowledge properly in January.

Not for profit / Volunteer / for the community

We are all volunteers, who do no benefit financially or via preferential access. We give our time freely and generously to give back to the community, help people and to raise money for great causes. If you want to be involved please let me know.