Website feedback wanted on two new websites

Good morning folks. I have been hard at work on two websites, I’d love your feedback. Everyone is welcome and invited to contribute to what we do and I love empowering our volunteers and seeing them go.

New home page / landing page for everything we do. We do a lot from events, to knowledge, RPGs, lending library and more.

This page is designed to highlight the best and most important things we do and guide people to where there is more information.

Does it do it? Is there something else on there? Is this clear? Think about this as an experienced gamer and a totally new player.

We launched a website for our annual convention to make information easier to find. I’ve brought it forward added in some photos. With the event 8 months away there will be gaps but I’d love any feedback. Does it show case what we do?

We also have our main website and one for the library.

The easiest way to feedback is on discord or facebook.

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