We are working hard for you! 5 times more events in the last 5 months!

Pre lock down. We met officially twice a month, with most months there being an RPG one shot or a charity game day.

Since lock down we are meeting around 5 times more, we have haven’t cancelled a single event. We are running more events, more variety and other a wider range of days and times.

It hasn’t been easy moving to online but we’ve done and we like to think our game days have still been great. From my point of view our community has grown stronger and still been the wonderful positive place it has always been.

We aiming to run an event a week, including keeping a few online regular events once things go back to normal.

We are hoping to run one or two RPG one shots a month, from different Story tellers and different systems.

Please use our spaces to arrange your own games!

We’ve lots of guides on our website to help you get started and we welcome more content.

Thank you so much for all of your support. All of our events are still free, and we aim for them to be accessible, inclusive and fun.