Two Important events. Gaming is for everyone! We all have a part to play

Wednesday 1st Feb 6:30 at the Herdsman a knowledge share about Gender Inclusive Language and Allyship and Privilidge.

Relating to this…/

Friday 10th Feb 7:15 at the Core. The first of our quarterly LGBTQIA+ games night and social.

All welcome at all of our events.

Here is a reminder of our code of conduct, I hope we never need it but we have it along with a strong equal opportunities policy


As a final note. The session on the first is not specifically an LGBTQIA+ event. Gender inclusive language is also about Women in gaming, we have a great representation but we can always do more.

Allyship and privilige is another huge topic, If you want to know more check out the first link.

Its about making sure everyone feels welcome and great at our events. EVERYONE has a part to play in this.

IF you can’t attend the event please do read the guides and let us know what you think, Did you learn anything?