Trade at our events!

Trader Inquiry Form

So you want to trade at one of our events!

Herefordshire Board Gamers is a not for profit and we love supporting the community, but stuff costs money, so we'd are going to charge you as little as possible to give you the best chance as we can't guarantee trade. 

If you do well, we'd love a donation to our raffle prize pool / library (games and RPG assets) or cash donation. (No pressure but we support each other to grow)

Prices (Feb 2024)

Paid in advance, no refunds (by default)

April 6th Price Attendees unknown- 100+ (First event of this kind)
Per 6ft space (i./e 1 table and room for banner / some boxes behind)

£10 you provide the furniture
£12:50 we provide the furniture
? Electrical Surchage

Here for Games Con - Attendees 500+ expected. 
Price- Please enquire- We only have space for 5 traders, but are looking at more space.
An additional deposit may also be required to reserve you space (due to previous drop outs)

If your stall comes with an activity, i.e. a demo area for your games, guest participation, or something else which add extra value to the event please get in touch we love activities and will provide a discount