Themed Sundays! First up nature!

Themed Sundays! Each of our usual Sunday events will have a theme! A chance to try new games, share new games, talk about games maybe even dress up. (We may consider a small prize for costumes at the end of the year)

First theme is Nature. Sunday 15th we will be bring all of our nature themed games.

What are you favourite nature games?

What do you want to try?

What nature game you are bringing?

What nature theme games should we try?

I’ve added games we are planning on bringing?

What game has the best art?

What nature game has the best theme?

Nature themes from our library…/theme/nature/


We’ve kept the categories fairly broad so we can fun finding games and ‘discussing’ if they fit!

January – Nature

February – Pirates and Viking

March- Superheros and fantasy

April – Vintage and Classic Games

May – Scifi and space (May the 4th!)

June – War and History

July – ?

September – ?

October- Horror and supernatural