Needs Survey feedback (November 2022)

We love hearing from you

Of the 22 respondents:
Are events good for your mental health?
100% think in person events are good for your mental health
95% think online events are good for your mental health.

Regarding our aims. Think we are doing well delivering them.

Community: 100%
Inclusion and accessibility: 95%
Education Support: 100%
Charity and Giving back: 100%

Some amazing feedback! (a small sample!)

What attracted you to Herefordshire Board Gamers?
The social aspect, meeting new people with similar interests ; Ethos of the organisers ; Finding new friends.; A welcoming crew, friendly people and it being easily accessible ; A chance to meet like minded locals.

Community: What have we done well? What should we keep doing?
Consideration, checking in on everyone ; Providing free spaces for people to have fun and socialise without discrimination; Very clear signs and welcoming atmosphere; infectious fun. A welcoming atmosphere. ; Up to date game selection and good amount of tutors ; Being beginner friendly, helpful and encouraging ;Regular free accessible events in person and online, different kinds of games and other social events for different interests.

Inclusion and accessibility: What have we done well? What should we keep doing?
Consideration, thoughtfullness, it’s great to be able to feel like you can wear what you want and be who you are, not constantly holding back. This creates confidence, which bleeds over into everyday life. ;Events well sign posted. ; Strong policies that protect members and a culture of respect and inclusivity. Events that welcome vulnerable groups such as LGBTQ+/disabled/neurodivergent as well as signage and games that specifically cater for them.

Education and Support: What have we done well? What should we keep doing?
Information, guides. ; Being show the games is really help and those teaching have been knowledgeable and friendly. ; The library is definitely the biggest highlight ; Encouraging members to organise events outside of official meet ups, including some that contribute to well being, such as the guided meditations and group walks.

Charity and giving back; What have we done well? What should we keep doing?
Running so many free events and lending library. ; Very generous with time and financially ; Everything!

This is taken from our Need survey

If any one wants to write a full testimonial I would love that as well!
It helps us emotional and also help us improve and prove what we do for grant funders.

We are looking at a few new ways to gather feedback to.

What can we improve

Feedback – things to improve on. This is taken from our Needs survey

I’ve broadly categorised them:

Family and Children:
Perhaps more support and encouragement for people to bring young children along.

[The first half of our events are children friendly, we can make it clearer,]

offering gaming events to schools, prerhaps working with some SEN students.

[We’ve love to work with schools and have a plan but capacity is the biggest issue with the whole team working full time.]

Younger People:
I know there are probably a lot of other young people who would love to attend but are scared about doing new things and meeting new people. ;

[Totally agree, we’d love help on this, I feel we need champions to help share the word, personal recommendations are so important]

Better advertising:
more money for wider spread advertising as I’m not sure enough people know this group exists.

More advertising and perhaps encourage members to bring along one new person to grow numbers

[Totally agree, we are working on grant funding, sharing the advertising tasks amongst the team more and are trying new avenues to ensure everyone knows about us!]

Remind us more often

[I can try!, I’ve found the tagging button on here!]

If someone is anxious to attend we could offer a “book a buddy” over social media so it is someone who they can meet outside the event and guide them in and introduce them if they wish to various people and games etc

[Love this idea, I will see how we can arrange it]

Could do with chairs that are larger
[Great idea, we have a grant request in for chairs which are rated for over 18 stone, which seems to be a common weight limit]

Sessions to teach people or train how to show board games to new players.

[Its on the list, I want to run game teaching sessions both to give individials confidence and to support communities in running their own events ]

(Not from the form) Games are for children / Too colorful

[We will bring more ‘bland games to the events’ joking apart we need to educate peopel that colourful games aren’t for children, modern games just have more art! but we will continue to bring a wide range of games including classic and familar games. Our core games library at events is always the same so peopel can get familar]


Note: We have had some other feedback which we weren’t given permission to share, but please note I’ve read it all and will action what ever I can.