Suicide Awareness Week / Day

Content warning: Suicide:
Suicide Awareness week (US) leading to International Day on the 10th. “creating hope through action”

This is the focus this year, thinking of how you can react and help.
Sharing knowledge and understanding.

I like to think as a community we are already on this. Sharing knowledge, looking out for each other and reacting with speed and care when we spot something. I know we’ve had a huge impact on a few peoples lives and hopefully helped even more!

Please keep looking out for each other.
Keep being kind to yourself.

Some terrifying stats:
4,639 men took their own life in the UK in 2020. (source)
74% of all suicides in the UK involve men. (source)
The rate of suicide in men (15.4 per 100,000) is over three times higher than in women (4.9 per 100,000). (source)
Men aged 45-64 have the highest rate of suicide by age (20 per 100,000). (source)
Suicide is the second biggest cause of death in young males (1-19 years old). (source)
We have 5 mental health first aiders.
Adam Best, Elaine Best, Emma Bardo James Brandt Dan Sylvan Best
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Our Guide to mental health first aid

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