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Sponsor thank you! Around £1200 of the prizes have come from personal donation which is incredible and £1500 has come from 22 wonderful sponsors many of which have also supported our games library and have supported us over the years. We are going to profile our top supporters in their own posts. Please check them out, give them a like on social media and chose them in the future.Our sponsors names stay on the website so we can appreciate how much support we have received. In the charity event space we are one of the longest running events.https://herefordshireboardgamers.co.uk/who/our-friends/

Games:HABA Haba Toys UK

HABA is a German toy manufacturing company. They offer a wide range of children’s products such as wooden toys, baby and toddler accessories as well as board games. They have given us Rhino Hero for our raffle and three games for the Library. In the Uk they are represented / distribute by Amaroni https://amaroni.com/——————————-

Bedsit Games Bedsit Games

Bedsit games is a tiny indie board game company based in Brighton. They have previously given us a copy of Pauper’s Ladder for our games lending library and they have also given us a copy for our raffle. ——————————-

Tabletop Gaming Magazine Tabletop Gaming

Tabletop Gaming is a magazine dedicated to tabletop games. They have given us several back issues to loan as part of our games lending library for those who may be interested in learning more about the hobby. Look out for the May 2021 edition for an article written by the Chair of Herefordshire Boardgamers.


Zatu Zatu Games
Zatu are a board game store and cafe located in Norwich. You can also buy from them online and they stock a wide range of board games, jigsaws, accessories and collectible card games, as well as being an official Games Workshop stockist. They have given us a copy Splendor for our raffle and to our library (before the library actually existed!).——————————-

Surprised Stare Games Surprised Stare Games Ltd

Surprised Stare Games are a games designer and publisher, probably best known for Snowdonia by Tony Boydell who is a Herefordshire local. We have a copy of Ivor the Engine available in our games library. They have given us a few games and anniversary tote bag for our raffle.——————————-

Asmodee UK Asmodee UK

Asmodee UK is the UK’s largest supplier of tabletop games, board games, card games and collectibles. Many of their popular titles are also available to buy digitally and they have also just purchased the Board Game Arena which is an online gaming platform. They have given us several games in the past for our lending library.

Local companies

Welsh Water Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

Welsh Water is a water utility company serving most of Wales as well as Herefordshire and parts of the Wirral, Cheshire and Gloucestershire. They are the only not for profit water company in the UK. They have been very generously donated towards our games lending library through their Community Fund.

Frank’s Luxury Biscuits Franks Luxury Biscuits

Frank’s Luxury Biscuits are a family run bakery based in Hereford providing a nationwide delivery of biscuits and cakes and a variety of other products. They have given us a selection of delicious biscuits for our raffle.

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