Sponsor Spot light 4/5. Last few days of the raffle.

Sponsor spot light 4/5 ! Still too many to thank so there will be some sharing! One Game publisher and one game adjacent company per post. Both long time supporters of us.

Just under £1400 donated! 70 prizes to be won. We still have enough board games for everyone to win one, or in face enough non games for no one to win one!

This is incredible nearly twice our previous best raffle. Thank you all so much

Stuff by Bez http://www.stuffbybez.com/

Stuff by Bez is a small independent board game designer and publisher, probably best known for the Wibell++ word game and Kitty Cataclysm. Bez is a well known and loved face on the board game convention circuit, always looking very well-dressed in red. She has given us two copies of both W++ and Kitty Cataclysm as well as Yogi and Yogi Guru for our raffle. As well as a copy of almost all games produced for our library.

Chaos Cards https://www.chaoscards.co.uk/
Chaos Cards are a tabletop gaming store and centre, based in Folkestone. They offer a huge board games library to hire. You can also buy from them online. They stock a wide range of board games as well as collectible card games and accessories. They have given us a copy of Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition for our raffle , which is possibly our star prize.

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