Sponsor spot light 1/6

Sponsor spot light 1/6 ! Still too many to thank so there will be some sharing! One Game publisher and one game adjacent company per post. https://herefordshireboardgamers.co.uk/charity/raffle/

Coiledspring Games Coiledspring Games

Coiledspring Games is a board game distribution service. They also specialise in jigsaw puzzles. They have previously donated towards lots of games to our lending library and they provided most of the prizes for the Xmas raffle which raised over £500. Some excellent roll overs / set aside items are in this raffle, which include Evolution climate and a range of 3d Puzzles.


Etsy store selling personalised gifts, recently branching into dice towers. We have 13 dice towers to give away. This relationship stemmed from a slight product issues which let to some supportive advice and knowledge sharing about the wonderful world of gaming they were dipping their toes into.


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