Shop update! New releases and children’s games from £10

Lots of lovely new items in the shop and Library ! Children’s games from £10!

We have 3 brand new releases available to play on Saturday one day after their release!

We won’t have the shop on Thursday but we can bring orders.

A.R.T Project £35
Cartaventura Versailles £12
Goddam Dilemma £20
A.R.T Project is a cooperative game of recovering art!
Very simple rules for this type of game, Immersive Art, 6 missions each bringing originality and replayability

Your team of specialists, the best in their field, will travel from Japan to Rio de Janeiro via Scandinavia in order to recover stolen works of art. Will you manage to gather, together, enough clues in the allotted time and try to stop these cultural looting?

You will lead the Art Rescue Team, with the aim of fighting against the world organization responsible for many thefts of priceless works across the planet called “The White Hand”.

Cartaventura Versailles is an adventure games which a history twist
1687 : Versailles, France. You are Julie d’Aubigny. Your marriage has already been arranged and your future mapped out : you will be a lady of the court. Escape the machinations of Louis XIV’s Versailles, and all those who want to control your destiny, to embrace a life full of passion and adventure!

Goddam Dilemma £20 A game of choicesThe goal of the game is to respond to a dilemma by accepting it… or not! Example: “You can choose the weather BUT as soon as you fart your nose bleeds”. The other players, to score points, will have to guess if you accept the dilemma… or not.