Role play games update

Role play games update

Off to an amazing start to 2021 for RPGs.

So far we have played Zombie World, Are you my Soul Mate, ‘a fantasy homebrew’, Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, Bride for Dracula and Alice is missing,

Schedules for the next week or two. Fiasco, Fuggetabout it, Alien, Remember Tomorrow and Mothership.

Thats 11 different RPGs in January if not more. We did 16 different RPGs in 2020! 2021 could be amazing

In the Pipe Line we have Mork Bork, Warhammer Goblins and Halloween, Last Fleet (Powered by the Apocalypse) and Parselings and another round of Alien.

What next folks? We’ve updated our tags on here and rearranged discord to make it tidier.

What do you want to run?

What do you want to play?

This image is our 8 month weekly campaign of Warhammer Fantasy Role Play. It features left to right. Halfling Thief / outlaw / Boatman. Human Warden / Hunter. Human Apothecary / Nun of Shallaya, Human Stevedore / Bounty hunter and Halfing Smuggler / Spy / Student.In the background Able the Gravedigger. Image created in Heroforge