Quiz night Saturday 6th 7.30 and January Updates

2021! So far we are kicking ass what do you want to see next?

Only 6 days have gone by without some kind of hb event. 14 different rpg systems played

We have launched our paint and chill and will do more paint alongs.
We are going to add video game sessions back on.
More quizzes.
More rpgs.
More social evenings including get to know via Sussed or similar.
Summer secret santa.

When we can I want to restart in person games but that won’t be until it is safe and we do a great night.

Last night on discord we discussed other gatherings like going for a meal or roller skating. I know its a way of but things to look forward to.

Give me your ideas and also take ownership and organise something, we will support you. I have a great team of helpers who keep the calendar full.

Quiz night hosted by guess Quiz master Ed this saturday!

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