Pride and inclusion

Pride and inclusion

It’s Pride Month! Rather than change our logo to a rainbow lets talk about and share what we do to make our events more inclusive for everyone including LGBTQIA+ Folks.

Our next LGBTQIA+ event is the 21st.

If notice something we do that helps or something we should be doing please let us know, This will form the base of a new guide.

+Normalise pronouns, via name tags, larger pronoun tags and introductions.

+Consider venues, some venues are less LGBTQIA+ friendly, for example we run events at the Core which is a private venue.

+Outwardly support events like Pride and reach out to other communities to offer help, advertising and to invite them to our events and offer to run dedicated session in their spaces.

+Represent, Ally badges and pride / progress flags and badges are our events.

+Allyship and a code of conduct call our bad behaviour immediately.

+Aim to use gender inclusive language

+Avoid stereotypes or making assumptions based on appearance including in game choice

+Diverse committee, all levels of our committee include as much representation as we can.

+Steering group to advise on matters, so we can sense check, review and get lived experiences

+Support minority designers, when considering games to run or buy consider the designers and content. Bez Shahriari and Dave Wetherall (LGBTQIA+ Games designers) are regulars at our events and Cartaventura: Versailles explores gender identity and stereotypes.

+Dedicated events, all of our events are as inclusive as we can make them but dedicated events show intent.

Anything else we should add?