Online RPGs with the designers and Online Raffles (Pick up at the Expo)

It’s mental Health Awareness with with a theme of Loneliness. We couldn’t leave our online, remote and friends who can’t travel out! So we have 4 amazing RPGs online and a play test,

Three of the RPGs are by the designers or design team!

Wildea 13:30 Saturday
Parslings 19:00 Satuday
Hypertellurians 18:00 Sunday


We also have 5 amazing Raffles with 1 or 2 prizes in each, where a single ticket can win £150 to £400. Collection from Hereford, the UK games Expo (other conventions maybe!) or postage at your cost.

2 x £400 board game bundles each containing 14 games and more
1 x £150 family bundle of 9 games
1 x £175 Talisman Bundle
2 x £150 Foundry VTT and Warhammer Fantasy Role Play bundle (6 modules)
1 x £150 RPG bundle of 21 Goodman games PDFs. Core rules, adventures and more


Finally we have an online play test Sunday 4pm and 7pm

Viva La Dungeon! is a battle-royal dungeon-crawling hidden movement game. Two to four players go into the Dungeon and only one of them is going to survive. You travel around level gathering weapons, armor and loot as the Gelatinous Cubes begin to close off rooms. Viva La Dungeon is chaotic dice-rolling romp built on classic roleplaying game mechanics but with a board game twist.

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